CT Watchdog Displays RESCUECOM's 2015 Q3 Computer Repair Report

Windows 10 Causes Big Changes in Computer Repair Issues

Windows 10 causes 56% of Computer Repair Calls says RESCUECOM Report

by ctwatchdog | October 27, 2015

RESCUECOM, a top computer repair and tech support firm, has compiled the fully detailed 2015 Q3 Computer Repair Report and found that over half its tech support calls this quarter regarded problems with Windows 10.

Windows app and O.S. issues have increased dramatically because of the release of Windows 10 last summer, the main reason being that many less tech-savvy customers failed to understand that receiving the upgrade would mean converting their entire operating system from a familiar one to one they would need to relearn entirely.

RESCUECOM creates the Computer Repair Report by gathering the data from all the tech support calls we receive at our call center to develop a list of the most common technology problems plaguing consumers, then we rank them from most frequently experienced to least troublesome and detail them by category.

The following, fully detailed in the 2015 Q3 Computer Repair Report, are this quarter’s rankings:

1Windows O.S. and Windows App Difficulties (56.4%)
2Viruses, Spyware, and Malware (11.3%)
3Slow Computer (7.4%)
4Hardware Install or Setup (5.9%)
5Internet Connection Issues (4.9%)
6Printer Trouble (4.8%)
7Email Problems (3.4%)
8Data recovery (2.5%)
9Mac App Concerns (1.3%)
10Failure to Boot / Blue or Blank Screen (1.2%)
11Phone Installation or Setup Trouble (0.5%)
12Mac O.S. Difficulty (0.4%)
13User-Created Issues (0.1%)

The three largest issues for consumers are with Windows apps and other software, Internet security concerns such as viruses and spyware, and computer performance problems. The best way to prevent these is to keep everything completely updated, and it is vital to not only have but also continuously run a virus removal program such as the RESCUECOM Internet Security Suite.

Hardware problems can be significantly more difficult to fix and will more often require professional service such as those provided by RESCUECOM Certified Level-3 technicians. These problems can include damage to power sources, hard drives, cables, and other equipment that a specialist may need to fix and replace. It is important to take care of your sensitive technology and find ways to ensure you do not forget passwords.

Despite the seeming difficulty of many technology problems you may face, there are many ways to prevent them before they occur, including installing cutting-edge Internet security and keeping your software updated. You cannot avoid every issue, but these measures will help you to keep your tech devices running as well as possible. For complete details on all of the most frequent computer problems and what you can do to avoid them, read the full 2015 Q3 Computer Repair Report!


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