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RESCUECOM Releases 2015 Q3 Computer Repair Report

photo rescuecom-computer-reliability-report.pngThe Microsoft Windows 10 operating system (Windows O.S.) may be a leap forward to many tech-savvy computer users, but it is not so much fun for others who have less knowledge about computers.

RESCUECOM, a top computer repair and tech support firm, each quarter tallies the issues its technicians deal with and has found that in more than half the cases the problem consumers had this quarter was with Windows 10.

2015 as a whole has seen a rise in problems with the Windows operating system and Windows apps, but even more in this quarter.

The reason that Windows O.S. and Windows app issues have increased so dramatically is the release of Windows 10 last summer and the automatically available updates.  The main problem was that many customers who are not tech-savvy decided that it would be best to receive the free upgrade Microsoft offered, but failed to understand that they would be converting the entire operating system from the one they knew and were familiar with to a new one they would need to relearn entirely.

It is because of the Windows 10 rollout that Windows O.S. and Windows app help continues to make up more than half of the tech support calls RESCUECOM receives.  This means that these issues are more troublesome than every other computer repair need combined.

It is important to remain vigilant in updating your computer, mobile devices, and apps you use on them in order to ensure they run properly.  You may also find yourself in need of help from a professional to understand your transition from your previous version of Windows to Windows 10.  Otherwise, a customer may require Windows operating system repair due to a shutoff during an update that corrupts the system, and you should leave these to the professional services of experts such as our RESCUECOM Certified Level-3 technicians.

Keeping up with the trend of past reports, Mac app concerns remain at the bottom of the list and have dropped to 1.3% of calls, a very slight increase from the numbers seen last quarter.

Problems with a computer’s performance always find a place near the top of the list, coming in this quarter at 7.4% and marking a .5% increase over last quarter’s numbers.  This is another reason it is important to keep your computer’s operating system, apps, and other software regularly updated, and software trouble is very often the results of a virus or spyware running in the background.  Always keep up with the latest releases and remain conscious that you do not fail to have an antivirus program running at all times.

RESCUECOM has totaled and sorted each of the calls received regarding computer repair for PCs and mobile devices during the third quarter of 2015 to bring you our 2015 Q3 Computer Repair Report, displaying a major increase with one major problem in particular.

RESCUECOM creates the Computer Repair Report by gathering the data from all the calls we receive at our 1-800-RESCUE-PC call center to develop a list of the most common technology problems plaguing consumers.  We then rank the leading computer repair problems in order from those most frequently experienced to those least troublesome and detail them by category.  This way, you have a helpful resource at your disposal to remain aware of all the potential dangers to your technology.


The following are the rankings for the 2015 Q3 Computer Repair Report:

  1. Windows O.S. and Windows App Difficulties (56.4%)
  2. Viruses, Spyware, and Malware (11.3%)
  3. Slow Computer (7.4%)
  4. Hardware Install or Setup (5.9%)
  5. Internet Connection Issues (4.9%)
  6. Printer Trouble (4.8%)
  7. Email Problems (3.4%)
  8. Data recovery (2.5%)
  9. Mac App Concerns (1.3%)
  10. Failure to Boot / Blue or Blank Screen (1.2%)
  11. Phone Installation or Setup Trouble (0.5%)
  12. Mac O.S. Difficulty (0.4%)
  13. User-Created Issues (0.1%)



Other than for Windows, viruses, spyware, and malware are always at the top of the list and can create a great deal of havoc to users.  Having good virus removal and security software such as the RESCUECOM Internet Security Suite running at all times is vital, since malicious programs can damage files and cause the loss of important data or even steal passwords.  Beyond that, it can cause your computer to perform noticeably more slowly, causing frustratingly long load times and other annoyances.


While the numbers are not particularly high, calls for hardware installation or setup difficulty on PCs, Macs and mobile devices nearly doubled from last quarter to 5.9%.  These include any trouble with screens, batteries, keyboards, and other parts.

Data recovery has increased just .1% this quarter, and you may require it due to damage to your hard drive or a device storing data.  Data recovery is a difficult process that only the most highly trained and experienced tech support professionals can handle.  Do what you can to avoid the need for data recovery by keeping backups and utilizing cloud storage.

A computer can have trouble booting up due to a manufacturer defect or one that has developed in your computer’s hard drive, storage, or power supply.  Calls for boot up failures and screen issues are exactly half what they were last quarter at 1.2% and are very near the bottom of the list.  This is not to say you should not care about them, because they can cause a great deal of stress and no small effort to fix.

Trouble with printers or phones are often hardware-related, and you should always be sure machines are on and that you stock the appropriate supplies as well as plugging in unplugged or loose cables.

Network Problems

Problems connecting to the Internet can have several causes, sometimes with your technology and sometimes with your Internet Service Provider.  This is a problem that has seen a decrease of just over 1%, making up 4.9% of calls for assistance this quarter.  If you have verified that the problem is not with your ISP, the easiest thing to do is reset your modem.  If that does not work, it is most likely the result of malicious activity on your computer and you should immediately run an Internet security program.  Beyond that, your best course of action is to call a professional to fix the problem.

Email problems have dropped from 4.4% of calls to 3.4%, continuing a downward trend seen in earlier reports.  This is often a problem with a network, though it can also result from outdated software or user errors.  You may have trouble accessing email due to a firewall or a faulty IP address.  Printer trouble not resulting from hardware or software may be the result of network connection issues such as a damaged cable or router.


Despite the seeming difficulty of many technology problems you may face, there are many ways to prevent them before they occur.  You can alleviate most concerns listed in the 2015 Q3 Computer Repair Report by installing cutting-edge Internet security and keeping your software updated. You cannot avoid every issue, but these measures will help you to keep your tech devices running as well as possible.



RESCUECOM provides the best computer repair and tech support, 24/7. Meeting every computer repair need including virus removal, data recovery, networking, wireless services, and tech support for PC’s, MAC’s, Tablets, Phones, hardware and software with excellence. For the best tech support or information on products, services, or computer repair, visit or call 1-800-RESCUE-PC (1-800-737-2837).

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