RESCUECOM Advises On How You Can Maintain Online Privacy

Protect Yourself From Online Tracking and Other Privacy Violations

Leading Computer Repair Provider Begins Blog Series on Why You Should Be Concerned with Online Privacy

RESCUECOM reveals major concerns about privacy violations online and advises on how you can protect yourself.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. June 25, 2014 - This is the introduction to a series of articles by RESCUECOM in which we examine the different invasions of privacy that can occur online. This article will indicate the general privacy issues people face online and indicate some ways in which people can fight against digital invasions of their privacy.

In today’s world, where it seems every piece of technology has connections to the Internet and millions of computers at any given time, one would imagine that online privacy would be a major concern for most people. However, with social networks more open than they have been in the past and the increased dependence on free online services from search and advertising companies such as Google, users on the Internet appear to have less privacy than ever before. Social networks collect significant amounts of personal information. Google tracks users’ web history and uses that history to send them targeted advertisements. People’s smartphones constantly broadcast their location to the companies who provide them online services. It seems the only way to avoid having your information and activities recorded and available to others is to avoid computer technology altogether. Of course, that is not a viable option when one considers how many essential services and products have an online component.

Fortunately, despite how it appears, there are ways to maintain a strong level of privacy online. A powerful Internet security suite will often have many features designed to protect a user’s privacy when companies attempt to track them. Some advanced types of Internet security software allow users to delete all of their browser histories automatically at regular intervals. Having histories wiped regularly prevents companies from accessing that data and storing it. A good Internet security suite can also track the methods used by companies to collect data about people online. Using this sort of software, users can view all active cookies, temporary files and plugins on their computer in detail. With the right security to help them, users can see what methods companies are using to attack their privacy. They can then adjust their online habits to protect themselves against these privacy invasions. Having an Internet security suite installed on someone’s computer can also protect that user from more conventional online attacks such as malware, phishing scams and online spam. The RESCUECOM Internet Security Suite provides our customers with all of these features to help them maintain their online privacy. We know that privacy is a major concern for many users and ensure that our clients can protect themselves online with RESCUECOM Internet Security Suite.

Some readers may be asking why they should have concern over their online privacy. There are many convenient aspects to having access to all of the available information on social networks such as Facebook. In addition, some users may not see anything wrong with advertisers targeting ads specifically to them. However, even if these realities do not bother you, the mass collection of user data could lead to other negative consequences in the future. For example, insurance companies could use browser histories and social network activity to infer health information about customers. These companies could then use this data to raise costs for their customers. As we have seen with the revelations about the NSA in 2013, the government can also leverage all of that collected data to essentially spy on American citizens. By collecting and tracking Internet users’ information, these companies have compiled massive amounts of data. These massive collections of user data could potentially be very harmful if used for the wrong purposes.

Future articles in this series will appear on the RESCUECOM Blog and provide more in-depth examinations of social media privacy, data mining and privacy risks occurring from the use of GPS-enhanced smartphones. Please subscribe by email or RSS feed to the RESCUECOM Blog and keep up to date on important information affecting the use of your personal technology.


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