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Holiday Desktop Review: Top Scores go to the Surface Studio and the New iMac

By on Nov. 30, 2017, 08:40 AM

SYRACUSE, N.Y., Nov. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- While many find that a tablet or a laptop (or, for some, even a phone) is all they need, there are others who want to compute the old fashioned way - on a desktop.

For the best in class, David Milman, president of RESCUECOM, the industry-leading computer repair company that fixes tens of thousands of computers, says go for the Microsoft Surface Studio. It isn't cheap by any means – you are talking over $4,000 – but it's well worth the cost.

The Surface Studio is ideal for creative work, but has the processing power to easily handle anything any user wants to do.

The display is perhaps the most impressive of any computer on the market, with 13.5 million pixels delivering incredible color and clarity. To put that in perspective, the standard for high resolution adds up to a total of 921,600 pixels, making the Surface Studio over 14 times clearer and crisper than the typical high-end display.

For functionality, the Surface Studio is one of a kind, with the ability to convert from desktop mode to studio mode and serve as both a PC and a drafting table. The screen is a massive 28 inches, but remains incredibly light and thin even by standards previously established by the all-in-one PC market.

The hinge design makes the screen completely effortless to move while remaining in place without fail while in use. The Surface Studio also offers a unique and advanced innovation in security: the ability to log on via facial recognition.

If you want an excellent computer for less than half the price, buy the Apple iMac 4K.

Unlike most manufacturers, Apple has a specific line of devices that it continues to upgrade and rerelease rather than creating new models, and this iteration of the iMac is by far the best to date.

The 21.5 inch version comes with a massive 1 TB drive, usually reserved for models in a much higher price range. 4K refers to the iMac's 4K impressive Retina display, which offers a quality of graphics, brightness, color, and clarity most typically found in higher-priced models. It is exceptional, particularly for such a large screen.

Like previous models, the new iMac remains incredibly thin, not to mention lightweight. It is extremely powerful as well as attractive, and it offers a great deal of connectivity with a variety of USB and Thunderbolt ports for more data storage and a memory card slot.

While it is far less expensive than the Surface Studio, the iMac 4K is still not the cheapest computer out there, its value is far higher than anything else in a similar price range. That makes the best thing about the 21.5 inch iMac 4K the fact that it offers extremely high-end quality and performance at a mid-range price.

RESCUECOM provides comprehensive computer repair and tech support, 24/7. RESCUECOM Certified Level-3 technicians provide immediate computer support through our patented software. To learn more about RESCUECOM’s products and services visit or call (315) 433-0002.

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Christina Obitts
Christina Obitts
2 weeks ago
As always, top notch service, super thorough, knowledgeable. Thanks David and the fine folks at Res
...As always, top notch service, super thorough, knowledgeable. Thanks David and the fine folks at Rescuecom :) less
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dhana welborn
3 weeks ago
great service
...great service less
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Kathleen Hennan
a month ago
excellent in what he is doing
...excellent in what he is doing less
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Melanie Ulliman
2 months ago
I have been a member/subscriber for many years. I have had all positive results every time. The tech
...I have been a member/subscriber for many years. I have had all positive results every time. The technicians are pleasant to interact with on every call. It has given me peace of mind to know my computer and I are protected. I don't know the capabilities of the computer, I am taught by fantastic reliable representatives. less
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