Yahoo Recaps the 2015 Holiday Computer Reliability Report

Samsung and Apple on Top, HP Remains Last

2015 Holiday Season's Four Most Reliable (and the Four Worst) Technology Brands Revealed in the RESCUECOM 2015 Q3 Computer Reliability Report

By Yahoo on Dec. 16, 2015

SYRACUSE, N.Y., Dec. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- When you want to make sure you are choosing the best technology as a gift this holiday season, you need to know which brands are the most reliable. The best resource you have to ensure that you pick the right tech device is RESCUECOM's 2015 Q3 Computer Reliability Report, which shows that the two most reliable brands remain on top while very little has changed in the rankings overall.

The best technology to gift this holiday season comes from Apple or Samsung, and each proves once again a strong commitment to developing the most reliable PCs and mobile devices on the market. Lenovo and Asus round out the top four, while the bottom four consist of Dell, Acer, Toshiba, and HP.

Lenovo comes in at third, just as it has in the few most recent reports. Asus gains one spot, and it is the ranking held in the second quarter by Microsoft, which did not make this quarter's report because of a drop in market share.

While Dell's overall reliability score was higher last quarter, it rises one place from sixth to fifth simply because there was one less spot included this quarter. Acer has risen one spot to sixth, trading places with Toshiba as it drops into seventh. While it has been a series of slow improvements, Acer has been gaining ground very slightly but steadily in the several most recent reports.

HP has not been able to improve from its fall to last place, though it is possible that splitting its PC and printer businesses from its hardware and services will allow the company to focus more upon improving the quality of its computers and tablets.

The biggest change from the last report is Microsoft's absence, and the consistent reliability Apple and Samsung have shown continues to impress. The companies most plagued by poor reliability scores due to a continuous need for tech support continue to remain at the bottom of the rankings, and it will be interesting to see if HP's split will lead to an improvement in its tech devices.

RESCUECOM contrasts the market share of the top PCs and tablets for each manufacturer in the U.S. that has been on the market for at least one year with the repair share for each manufacturer's products to calculate each brand's overall reliability.

Here are the rankings in accordance with the new computer reliability report for 2015 Q3:

1, 3
(Percentage of
Share computers
1, 2
(Percentage of
service calls
Reliability Score
1, 2
bility Score
1, 2
Reliability GradeRelia-
bility Grade
1. SAMSUNG5%1.9%213A
2. APPLE18.3%7.9%189A-
3. LENOVO8.3%4.1%166B+
4. ASUS4.1%2.8%118C
5. DELL14.8%18.9%64D+
6. ACER3%4.2%57D-
7. TOSHIBA2.9%4.5%52F
8. HP17.6%27.8%51F

1 – Computer repair share percentages and computer reliability scores include tablets.
2 – The computer reliability report does not include “other” manufacturers, defined as all manufacturers that have below 1.0% market share or not on the market for at least one year.
3 – Market share numbers are provided by IDC.


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