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Changes in Rank and Score are Slight

Apple And Samsung Tops For Reliability In Computers

By on Dec. 16, 2015

Do you want a trouble-free computer? No one can guarantee that, but there are two brands that will reduce your chances of problems according to the 2015 Q3 Computer Reliability Report from RESCUECOM.

According to thorough research, the most certain way to have the best technology experience is to purchase an Apple or Samsung product, and it has been that way for years based on the quarterly studies performed by the people in the know – RESCUECOM – the industry leader in computer repair.

RESCUECOM is also revealing the computers that have more chances of giving you headaches.

Knowing how reliable your technology, computer, or tablet you will be using on a daily basis for personal use or work is vital to making the right choice when shopping this holiday season.

Chances are, whatever you buy will be what you will be using for the next several years, and you do not want to purchase an unreliable tech device that requires costly repairs every few months. With that in mind, RESCUECOM’s 2015 Q3 Computer Reliability Report will provide you with the information you need on the latest and greatest PCs and tablets from the most reliable technology manufacturers.

Apple and Samsung remain the top two brands for reliability. While earlier reports showed these two manufacturing giants continuing to jockey for the number one spot, Samsung has held its own over Apple for the last several reports, with Apple being unable to overtake Samsung within recent quarters.

Each of these companies manufactures some of the best performing computer and mobile devices, particularly continuing to improve upon and release new models of tablets, laptops, and 2-in1 devices.

Both Samsung and Apple had major new releases this year, with Apple upgrading the iPad Air to the iPad Air 2 along with other variations such as the Mini 4, and customers have expressed great pleasure with it.

The same is true for the Samsung Tab S2 and its Tab A and Tab E models. Major technology publications such as CNET have ranked the new iPad Air and Galaxy Tab models as the best yet made by either brand. This news comes as little surprise, as these two manufacturers have held the top placement in the several most recent previous reports.

The iPad has always had a strong following of loyal supporters, and each model has continued to improve without compromising reliability. Samsung’s Galaxy models have also been popular in the past, and CNET has even noted that the Galaxy View could not only supplement but adequately replace TV sets for many customers.

While Samsung and Apple continue to maintain first and second place, respectively, it is key to note that Apple holds a significantly larger part of the market share with 18.3% compared to Samsung’s 5%.

Samsung accounts for 1.9% of repair share, defined by the percentage of calls for repair overall compared to other manufacturers’ devices, and Apple accounts for 7.9%. This does not account for a considerably higher score than Lenovo receives to put it in third place, though the gap between Samsung and Lenovo is a somewhat sizeable one.

One of several manufacturers that does not change places in the rankings this quarter, Lenovo consistently maintains a solid hold on the third spot that it has held for some time. It holds this place over Asus, which holds the fourth place over Dell, Acer, Toshiba, and HP, which make up the bottom four manufacturers. Microsoft was previously in the middle of the rankings in the most recent Computer Reliability Report but did not make the list this quarter due to a decline in overall market share.

Dell holds essentially the same position in the rankings as the previous quarter, showing a slight decrease in market share but an increasing number of calls for repairs. It now holds the third highest percentage of the market share at 14.8% as opposed to the 15.5% it held last quarter, and its repair share is a hefty 18.9%.

Toshiba continues to hold steady at seventh place, unfortunately failing to continue the improvement it was making for a brief period. Acer’s score has increased to bring it one place higher than second to last, though the increase was a very slight one.

HP once again holds the last place in the rankings, displaying an unfortunate inability to make adaptations necessary to improve on a constant need of computer support for its tech devices. There is some slight hope, however, that HP can make some improvements in the future.

This is particularly true since the company separated its PC and printer businesses from its hardware and services, meaning that it can potentially put more focus into improving the quality of its computers and tablets. In the second quarter, it held 16.8% of the market share while accounting for of 30.1% repair share. In this quarter, it holds more market share, 17.6%, while accounting for approximately 2% less market share at 27.8%. Thus, there is a glimmer of hope for HP given that there are more of its devices on the market calling for fewer repairs overall.

Shifts in ranking this quarter have been somewhat less significant overall than in recent reports, with only the bottom spots showing any real change. Even that is not particularly significant, and the biggest change from the last report is Microsoft’s absence.

That two companies have remained so remarkably reliable with such consistency is certainly an impressive feat toward which other manufacturers should extend their greatest efforts. It will be interesting to see if Samsung and Apple continue to keep their top rankings or if some contenders will apply new technological innovations in order to claim their coveted positions.

In order to create the Computer Reliability report, RESCUECOM contrasts the market share of every manufacturer’s computers and mobile devices in the U.S. with the repair share for each manufacturer’s products, allowing us to calculate each brand’s overall reliability. The report includes calls for the top PCs and tablets for each manufacturer that has been on the market for at least one year.

Here are the rankings in accordance with the new computer reliability report for 2015 Q3:

1, 3
(Percentage of
Share computers
1, 2
(Percentage of
service calls
Reliability Score
1, 2
bility Score
1, 2
Reliability GradeRelia-
bility Grade
1. SAMSUNG5%1.9%213A
2. APPLE18.3%7.9%189A-
3. LENOVO8.3%4.1%166B+
4. ASUS4.1%2.8%118C
5. DELL14.8%18.9%64D+
6. ACER3%4.2%57D-
7. TOSHIBA2.9%4.5%52F
8. HP17.6%27.8%51F

1 – Computer repair share percentages and computer reliability scores include tablets.
2 – The computer reliability report does not include “other” manufacturers, defined as all manufacturers that have below 1.0% market share or not on the market for at least one year.
3 – Market share numbers are provided by IDC.


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