Atlanta Business Chronicle Uses RESCUECOM's 2015 Computer Repair Report To Explain Computer Problems

Most Frequent Computer Problems Explained In 2015 Computer Repair Report

RESCUECOM Releases Common Computer Problems in New Computer Repair Report!

Atlanta Business Chronicle
February 18, 2015

SYRACUSE, N.Y., Feb. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- RESCUECOM has released a new Computer Repair Report outlining the top problems technology users experience. This report is a modern day refresh of our previous report on the top computer problems; it covers all technology, including tablets, smart phones and Internet-connected devices. The computer repair report details the top 10 problems that plague technology in 2015.

To create the 2015 Computer Repair Report rankings, RESCUECOM performed a study of the technology and computer repair service calls for the past 12 months.

The top problems, explained in full in the 2015 Computer Repair Report, are below:

1Internet Connection Problems27.7%
3Slow Computer16.4%
4Computer and Tablet Hardware8.1%
5Computer Startup Problems7.3%
6Trouble with Email6%
7(Tie) Data Transfer or Recovery4%
7(Tie) Printer Setup or Troubleshooting4%
8Windows OS Troubleshooting3.9%
9Application Troubleshooting1.8%
10User-caused Problems1.4%

The top three issues are by far the biggest headaches for users, making up just under two-thirds of all of the tech support calls RESCUECOM received in the past year. Notably, they often relate closely with each other. Viruses are frequently the main cause of Internet problems for users and can prevent access to certain websites or slow a computer down, even to the point of being unusable.

Less common than the top three issues are problems with the hardware of your computer, tablet, or other device. That being said, these problems are often more difficult or expensive to fix. Ranging from cracked screens to damaged motherboards or fans, these problems can vary widely in terms of severity. Regardless of how serious these issues are, all of them can interfere with using your technology the way you would like. Several hardware issues can cause startup problems as well. For instance, a corrupted hard drive may keep the machine from booting up the right way, or a damaged power supply could keep a computer from turning on at all.

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