Arizona Business Gazette Publishes Top Five Computer Problems as Reported by RESCUECOM

Top Five Computer Problems Referenced in Arizona Business Gazette Article

Arizona Business Gazette
By Daniel Kehrer
May 17, 2007:

Instant computer help online for businesses

Dear Dan: Help! And double help! Twice within the past two months my business has gone "missing" when something went kaput with our computers. We called our usual computer guy, and waited . . . and waited . . . and waited. We finally got things fixed, but the delays were costly. How can we fix computers faster? - Tanked on Tech

Dear Tech Tanked: Computer repair and tech support services for small business is a booming marketplace. As computers, software, networks, wireless, mobile and a host of other tech have taken over small business operations head to toe, the need to keep it all in operating order - or heck, to simply get it up and running in the first place - has grown exponentially.

Businesses that can afford it (and even some that can't) are adding in-house tech support for the sake of convenience. But a proliferation of outside tech support and repair services is making it easier than ever for small and even home-based businesses to get fast and affordable help with their tech troubles.

Earlier this year, Susan Forman's fledgling recruiting business Excelon Associates in south Florida came crashing down when her computer failed to work. She couldn't reach her local computer tech, called Best Buy to no avail, and couldn't find anyone who could help until the next day. Her desperation was growing until her husband mentioned a service he'd heard of called

Working exclusively online, the remote repair team at fixed Forman's computer within hours, keeping her business up and running and saving her the expense of buying new equipment. "It saved my business," Forman says.

With the advent of "remote control" software that lets a tech engineer tap into your computer from anywhere, diagnostic and repair services are now easily accessible online.

A tech support person can operate your keyboard and mouse to find and resolve a problem while you watch, without having to be at your business.

It's a secure process that can occur only with your approval, used thousands of times daily by businesses nationwide.

The advantages for busy entrepreneurs who need to get back to business ASAP are huge. No more playing 20 (or more) questions with a tech support person on the phone. The services know what to look for and come armed with an arsenal of fixes that have already worked for other businesses.

According to RescueCom, a fast-growing franchise network of computer support services, the top five computer problems reported by small business are:

  • Windows problems (22.3 percent), where Windows won't start or is running poorly.
  • Hardware problems (18.1 percent) where peripherals such as a printer or scanner are not working.
  • Slow computers due to viruses or spyware (13.7 percent).
  • Internet connection trouble (13.4 percent) where the business can't get online.
  • Data access trouble (12.3 percent), often made worse by businesses that fail to backup their information.

Here are some of the computer repair and support services offering remote diagnostic and repair solutions for small business and home office users:, one of the newest entries, promises "instant technology relief" and claims to have patented remote access software that's been proven and deployed to millions of PCs at companies such as ADP, Bank of America, BellSouth and others. The firm's goal is to help small business and home office users fix any computer problem simply and easily, including software or operating system bugs, network trouble, spyware and virus elimination and general troubleshooting. Visit or call 1-800-PC-SUPPORT.

FixFlash offers online computer repair and support, and can also dispatch a technician to your home or office anywhere in the U.S. Service options include monthly subscriptions with unlimited support, a flat-fee tune-up, or pay by the minute. Visit or call 1-800-574-8961.

RescueCom offers remote repair as well as on-site service, and something unique - a guarantee that they will fix your problem or it's free. Visit or call (703) 986-3233.

Geek Squad, already known in many parts of the country for its fleet of brightly decorated VW beetles that deliver technicians to your door, also offers remote diagnostic and repair services. Visit or call 1-800-GEEK SQUAD. is one of the newer entrants that specializes in online tech support services. Visit the site or call 1-800-940-9175.

Daniel Kehrer is editor of and Reach him at

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Shawntell Glass
Shawntell Glass
in the last week
Anthony was very helpful to me and my wife he was the best
...Anthony was very helpful to me and my wife he was the best less
LaToya Crawley
LaToya Crawley
in the last week
WOW! Many Thanks goes Out to Roy at Rescuecom for sticking with me most of the Weekend and not givin
...WOW! Many Thanks goes Out to Roy at Rescuecom for sticking with me most of the Weekend and not giving up getting this Dell Laptop back up and running again when others said it couldn’t be fixed without buying another computer. I highly recommend Roy and the services of Rescuecom to others. less
Eustache Lefranc
Eustache Lefranc
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Thank you so much Sir Roy for the good job you do for me ! for helping me with my computer. Original
...Thank you so much Sir Roy for the good job you do for me ! for helping me with my computer. Originally, I thought before no body can fix the computer but Sir Roy did and He had a lot of good patient to deal with me also he got good vision to put it everything back to normal again . Many Thanks LEFRANC less
Grandma Brauer
Grandma Brauer
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Fantastic service! Not even the Apple Tech (remotely or by phone) were not able to ID the problem an
...Fantastic service! Not even the Apple Tech (remotely or by phone) were not able to ID the problem and help me. Roy was soooooo patient! Thank you very much. Really appreciate it. Excellent value! less
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