RESCUECOM Provides Information on Keeping Laptops Safe

RESCUECOM Offers Safety Advice to Laptop Users

July 12, 2010:

RESCUECOM's Safety Tips for Laptop Computer Users

SYRACUSE, N.Y., July 12, 2010 - Many of us spend so much time on the move, the risk of damaging a laptop computer and needing costly computer repairs has never been higher. To lower the risk to your laptop computer, RESCUECOM's computer repair experts offer several simple safety tips for laptop computer users.

Protect Yourself In Case of Theft

Heavy travel increases the physical risk to your computer, but also the risk that your laptop computer will be stolen or misplaced. Should this happen to you, it is vital that certain protections be in place. The easiest line of defense is to protect your laptop computer with a strong password, making it more difficult for a thief to access. However, passwords can be broken, so data encryption is a must. Encrypting your data will safeguard both personal and business information stored on your laptop computer.

Guard Your Privacy

Even if your laptop computer is not lost or stolen, your privacy needs to be protected. Open wireless networks offer more convenience, but they also offer more potential problems. These networks are much easier for cyber criminals to gain access to, which gives them easier access to your data or laptop computer. Online criminals are not the only threat. Using your laptop computer to access your private data in public puts you at risk from the person sitting next to you. Keep a watchful eye on who might be watching you. Additionally, computer repair specialists recommend using a privacy screen to lessen the visibility of your private data. It might even protect your fragile screen enough to help you avoid costly computer repair.

Prevent Accidental Breakage

Over 90 percent of laptop computer repairs are caused by accidents, and most of those are from a few common mishaps. A good computer repair prevention rule is to keep liquids away from a laptop computer. Even a small spill can result in major computer repairs. A laptop computer screen is one of the most common, and expensive, computer repairs. Treat the screen gently and be sure to watch out for anything left on the keyboard when you shut the lid. Along those same lines, never carry your laptop computer while it is open and always carry your laptop in a cushioned case. Finally, pay attention to your laptop cables as they are easy to trip over and might send your laptop computer crashing to the floor.

Following these simple tips can keep your laptop computer safe and help you avoid costly computer repairs.


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