RESCUECOM Officially Tells Consumers to Upgrade Windows

Windows 7 Upgrade Now Best Option for Consumers

June 21, 2010:

RESCUECOM :"The Time to Upgrade to Windows 7 Is Now"

Syracuse, N.Y. June 21st, 2010- Last October, Rescuecom suggested waiting to upgrade to Windows 7, as initial adopters of a new OS often face problems that need significant computer repair.

Now Rescuecom provides five reasons why it's time to switch to Windows 7.

1. It's established: According to NetMarketShare and Computerworld, Windows holds a 92% share of the OS market. While 63% of that is Windows XP users, Windows 7 has grown quickly. It already holds a 13% share, just behind Vista's 15%. With Windows 7 standard on most new computers, its growth will continue.

2. It's compatible: The biggest computer support issue that plagued Vista was compatibility. Many applications required additional downloads or complicated installations, causing a need for constant computer support. With Windows 7, most new software works right out of the box.

3. It's streamlined: Vista's resource hogging caused crashes, forcing users to seek computer repair. Windows 7 is streamlined to use far fewer resources.

4. It's fast, secure, and stable: Windows 7 is Microsoft's fastest OS, easily outpacing Vista, and offers more security against data loss. Simplified backup options help prevent the need for excessive computer support or computer repair.

5. It's just better: Since its release, computer support specialists have learned the ins and outs of Windows 7. It has proven superior to Vista in terms of cutting down on the need for computer support or computer repair. With Microsoft ending free computer support for Windows XP, Windows 7 is the best choice.

Since its release, Windows 7 has proven itself as a reliable Operating System which will cause users less need for computer repair.

For a pleasant and reliable Windows 7 experience, Rescuecom's Recommended System Requirements are:

  • Dual Core Processor 1.6ghz or higher
  • 2gb Ram
  • 32gb available hard drive space

· Graphics card that supports minimum of 128mb of memory and Direct X 10


RESCUECOM provides computer repair and computer support, 24/7: Meeting every tech support need including data recovery, virus removal, networking, wireless services, and computer support for all brands or hardware and software. For computer support or information on products, services, and computer repair, visit or call (703) 986-3233.

For More Information, Contact:

Christina Johnson, PR Specialist

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Carol Vaupel
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I would give him 5 stars.
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Cynthia B. McCoy
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Sue Baran
Sue Baran
a month ago
Jim P. was very good in explaining why a call was inputted and explained the updates that he was goi
...Jim P. was very good in explaining why a call was inputted and explained the updates that he was going to do from both Windows and Rescuecom. After completed he helped with some boot up programs to be disabled to help give me a little more "speed" in startup. Great experience. less
Jan Jones
Jan Jones
a month ago
Excellent Service!
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