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August 16, 2010:

Rescuecom Releases Top 5 Tips for Defending Against Malware

SYRACUSE, N.Y., August 16, 2010 - McAfee, a top Internet security company, recently announced that malware attacks are at an all-time high. According to McAfee, 10 million new pieces of malware were cataloged during the first half of this year. With this Internet security threat reaching such significant heights, Rescuecom offers these tips to protect your computer from such an attack.

1.) Update Defenses - Malware strikes in a variety of ways, so it's important to have active Internet security defenses. No antivirus or malware detection program can help though, if not properly updated. Internet security companies update their software on a regular basis to keep up with the growing varieties of malicious code. Keep your defenses updated to provide maximum protection against these threats.

2.) Don't Believe You're Safe - Some users believe their devices are impervious to Internet security attacks. Some computers, such as Apple's Macs, have suffered fewer attacks. However, as malware producers become more active, attacks against Internet security will hit all devices. Apple computers, smartphones, and tablet style devices have all seen a rise in the number of attacks against their Internet security. Never assume that your style or brand of device is safe.

3.) Use Caution When Surfing - Malware attacks commonly start on websites with malicious code embedded in them. When a user surfs that site, malware is installed on their computer, compromising their Internet security. While some legitimate websites have been victimized, it's far more common on less reputable websites. Sites linked to file sharing, adult content, and even some social networking sites are all likely malware hosts. Avoiding these sites offers more protection and Internet security.

4.) Employ Careful Clicking - Malware producers take advantage of major events, news stories, and celebrities to spread their Internet security attacks. Popular online searches are an easy way for criminals to compromise Internet security. A user clicks on infected results from a search engine and is redirected to a malware infected site. To avoid this style of attack, copy and paste links into your browser's address bar. This will bypass the redirect and avoid the infected site.

5.) Monitor Your Computer and Your Records - Malware can do almost anything, including tracking your online movements, taking control of your computer, or stealing your private data. Monitor your system and personal records to provide another layer of Internet security. Odd or sluggish performance from your computer or strange charges on your credit card or phone bills may signal a malware attack. An immediate response can prevent further damage and allow you to rectify the problem quickly.

Malware is the most common way for hackers and criminals to violate your Internet security. Remaining vigilant, cautious, and shielded can prevent these attacks from costing you money or your identity.


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