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Top Five Problems Users Have Starting Their Computers

August 2, 2010:

Rescuecom Releases Top 5 Computer Startup Problems

SYRACUSE, N.Y., August 2, 2010 - Of all the problems requiring computer support or computer repair, a non starting computer may be the most frustrating. Often, there is little you can do about it beyond seeking professional computer support. While there may not be much a typical user can do to fix the problem, there is some information you can provide to help a computer repair technician quickly find the cause of the problem.

1.) Hardware - One of the most common causes of computer repair problems is the hardware. Many computer components are extremely sensitive and easily damaged. Before seeking computer support, make an examination of the hardware, taking note of any obvious physical damage, such scratches, dents, or broken pieces. Also, be sure to tell the computer repair technician about any accidents or damage to the computer - such as drops or falls - that might have caused damage to the internal components.

2.) Software - Not every problem leaves a computer totally unable to start. Some problems stall or stop the start up process after it has begun. Let the computer support specialist know exactly when your computer's start up process fails. Does the Windows logo become visible at any point? Are any error messages displayed? This information could be a clue that the problem is software related and may require computer support, rather than physical computer repair.

3.) Changes - Computers are sensitive devices and any change, no matter how small, can cause problems. The installation of new software, new computer support devices such as a mouse or printer, or even normal Windows updates can cause system conflicts. Keep track of all changes to your computer. Let your computer support specialist know what the most recent changes were to your computer, including new programs, new hardware, or any updates to the operating system.

4.) Viruses - Viruses are at the heart of many computer repair problems, including those with start up. Virus removal is a typical computer repair, but it can be easier if you provide the computer support specialist with some basic information. When your computer was running, did you have an updated antivirus program installed? When was that program last updated? Did you notice any pop up windows or sluggish performance before the computer broke? This information can point to a virus issue and provide clues as to why your computer won't start.

5.) Prior Repair - Just as you would give a doctor your medical history, it is important to provide your computer support professional with your system's computer repair history. A previous computer repair provides an excellent starting point for investigating any computer problem.

A non starting computer can be a frustrating problem. Providing some key information to your computer support specialist can help the computer repair process move much more smoothly and quickly.


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