RESCUECOM Announces Results of First Quarterly Computer Reliability Report

First Quarterly Computer Reliability Report Ranks Asus on Top


RESCUECOM Releases First of Quarterly Computer Reliability Reports

ASUS, with new track record for success, and veteran leader IBM/LENOVO take top positions

SYRACUSE, N.Y., March 24, 2009 -- Results are in from the latest RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report, which recently increased the frequency of releasing its data from an annual to quarterly basis. An unbiased analysis that compares computer vendors' market share with consumer service calls from RESCUECOM's (703) 986-3233 call center, the report revealed a new leader in reliable personal computers. At the close of 2008, Apple had secured the lead with the fewest number of service calls. However, Apple slipped into second place while ASUS made a surprise leap into the top spot, with IBM/LENOVO sharing the lead.

The RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report calculated PC reliability scores based on a sample of 15,000 calls throughout the quarter. The report reveals the two most important measures of reliability:

1. The quality of the components and software used in manufacturing the computer.
2. The after-the-sale support the manufacturer provides to its customers.

The higher the score, the better the reliability of the brand. The PCs reported to have the strongest reliability scores are as follows:

1. ASUS (972)* and IBM/LENOVO (348)
2. APPLE (324)
3. TOSHIBA (172)
4. ACER (151)
5. HP/COMPAQ (142)

* In late September 2008, ASUS started shipping a new version of its EEE laptop. ASUS's shipping numbers skyrocketed in the last few months of 2008, yet RESCUECOM received a disproportionately small number of calls to (703) 986-3233 for help with this product.

"The results are in, and although ASUS is the leader this quarter with a reliability score of 972, ASUS's reliability score should be taken with a grain of salt, even though it was more than 600 points ahead of IBM/LEVNOVO. We look forward to seeing if ASUS is able to maintain the same demand and reliability over the coming quarters,"says David A. Milman, RESCUECOM's founder and CEO.

RESCUECOM's next report, which may reveal evidence of whether ASUS sustains its reliability momentum, is due out next quarter.

"In this economy, consumers and business owners want to know a computer is reliable before they invest hard-earned dollars," Milman says. "Our reports are intended to empower consumers when they head out to make purchasing decisions. Since technology develops at a rapid pace, our quarterly analyses provide a timely resource."

Below is the data that was used to calculate reliability scores for the Computer Reliability Report, 4Q 2008.

For more information, visit www.RESCUECOM.comor call (703) 986-3233.


RESCUECOM provides on-site computer repair and support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. RESCUECOM services everything from home computers to super computers, wireless Internet to global networks, hardware to software, e-mail to enterprise resource planning (ERP). In addition to one-time, on-site solutions, RESCUECOM provides ongoing IT management services for businesses.

For More Information, Contact:
Christina Johnson, PR Specialist

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