RESCUECOM Advises Holiday Shoppers About Computer Shopping

RESCUECOM Checklist Helps Buyers Choose the Right Computer

RESCUECOM Issues Computer Buyer Checklist for Holiday Shoppers

November 20, 2006:

'You're not just buying a machine, you're also buying a company,' advises RESCUECOM CEO

Among the most popular holiday gifts this year will be computer laptops, desktops and related products. Those who buy computers as gifts can easily make the wrong purchase if they don't give their decision the proper thought. With that in mind, the national computer repair company RESCUECOM has issued a Holiday Computer Buyer Checklist – items to consider before buying that first computer you see, or the first one the retailer suggests you buy.

'With cut-rate pricing, high-pressure sales, and new technology being introduced all the time, confusion ends up being the biggest Grinch for technology shoppers during the holiday season,'' said David A. Milman, founder and CEO of RESCUECOM. 'Those buying computers must think not only about the price of a machine but other factors such as warranties, reliability, how the recipient is likely to use the computer and what additional accessories they are likely to need.'

The RESCUECOM Holiday Computer Buyer Checklist is designed to give shoppers guidance in their technology purchasing decisions. If used in conjunction with RESCUECOM's recent National Computer Reliability Report, shoppers will be ready to make the right purchase this holiday season.

The RESCUECOM Holiday Computer Buyer Checklist:

  • Consider the user. Is this person tech savvy? Does he or she have the latest iPod that holds 30,000 songs? If so, buying a computer with extra storage space and memory is the way to go. Do they watch movies on line or play computer games? If so, extra storage space, a higher end sound system and a better graphic card are likely desirable.
  • Don't get sticker shock. Not by the high prices, but by the LOW prices. If the deal seems to good to be true, it probably is. 'Remember, you're buying not just a machine but a company too. So if the computer is dirt cheap, ask about the warranty and the customer service reputations of the computer maker,' Milman advises. Often computers are also cheaper because they are not able to be easily upgraded.
  • Don't be rushed. Don't let pushy salespeople or last-minute holiday shopping force you into making a decision to quickly. It is a good idea to have questions prepared before going to the store or shopping on line.
  • Consider installation. Often, stores don't provide help with installing new merchandise, if needed. Will your loved one know how to set up and use the new technology? Will he or she be able to troubleshoot if it's done wrong? To ensure against improper set-up, which can lead to poor performance, serious system vulnerabilities and significant stress, consider an independent computer repair and support company, such as RESCUECOM, to assist with installation.
  • Protect against the bugs. It's always flu season with computers. Make sure you've purchased an anti-virus and anti-spyware software programs with the computer. An unprotected computer can pick up a nasty virus within 15 seconds of Internet surfing. Having a firewall provides an added level of protection, particularly when a wireless system is in place. So protect that gift before you even give it.
  • Accessorize. Does your loved one take lots of holiday photos? If so you might consider asking about a high-quality printer or digital camera in addition, to allow them to quickly turn photos into memories. Also, be sure you have the proper cables and other equipment required to connect your computer to any cameras or printers.
  • Consider reliability. Are you purchasing a brand name computer from a well respected vendor? RESCUECOM recently issued a National Computer Reliability Report, which ranked the major computer companies through a statistical comparison of their market share and their RESCUECOM Repair Share – the percentage of calls to the company's (703) 986-3233 national hotline. The study measured both the quality of a computer and the level of customer service being provided by these companies.
  • The Report calculated the following 'Reliability Scores' for each computer vendor based on the percentage difference between their overall U.S. market share and the percentage of calls into the RESCUECOM call center about the particular computer vendor. The higher the score, the less likely it was that calls about the specific computer vendor to the RESCUECOM call center were received (scores are in parentheses).
    • IBM/Lenovo (243)
    • Apple (201)
    • HP/Compaq (12)
    • Dell (4)
    • Gateway (-12)
    • Others (-16)

For More Information, Contact:
Christina Johnson, PR Specialist
(703) 986-3233

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Patricia Farr
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...Rescuecom has once again rescued me. This time from a potential identity theft situation, and then after solving that, updating all security and operating systems. All with incredible patience and expertise in what for me was a very distressing situation. My level 3 tech Maddy spent literally days getting everything straightened out and David gave me some tips and advice that I have used. The technicians at Rescuecom are for me the best and most professional, and are always there to help quickly, with understanding and kindness, when you need them most. less
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Carol Vaupel
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I would give him 5 stars.
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...wonderrful less
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Sue Baran
a month ago
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