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July 8, 2010:

SYRACUSE, N.Y., July 8, 2010 - Spam is a seemingly unavoidable irritation of the Internet. Businesses send millions of unsolicited emails per day, and scour the Internet to find more addresses they can use to reach potential customers. To protect your inbox, RESCUECOM's computer support specialists offer tips on avoiding, managing, and filtering spam.


  • To prevent spam, don't post your e-mail address on your Web page, public forums or message boards. Computer support specialists suggest creating a fake address for public posting or even a second address dedicated only to online interaction. This can help keep your main email spam free.
  • If your current email is already being barraged by spam, it may be too late to save it. Computer support specialists suggest transitioning to a new, uncompromised email address.
  • Computer support specialists also recommend creating unique email addresses. Generic emails such as 'jack@..." or "jill@..." are easy targets for spammers.


Never respond to a spam email. Computer support specialists say that responding only lets those who sent it know that your email is valid, increasing the odds that they will target you again.

Computer support specialists also caution that attempting to unsubscribe or be removed from a spam email list is nothing more than a trap. If the email was unsolicited, there is no list for you to be removed from.

Websites pledging to remove you from spam lists are typically run by spammers just searching for more emails. Do not give them any information.

Don't click on any web address, links or URLs contained in a spam e-mail.

Do not open any spam email unless you have blocked HTML graphics. This will prevent the spammers from knowing you opened the email.

The simplest way to deal with spam if it hasn't yet become a total infestation? Computer support specialists say to just delete any unsolicited email.

Filtering There are a variety of spam filters that can be employed to protect your inbox. Verification filters or server based filters can prevent most unsolicited email. However, they may also block legitimate emails that you do want to receive.

Most email clients will allow you to create your own filter so that all of your email is inspected based on criteria you have chosen. Creating your own filter can make it easier for you to adjust settings and make corrections so that you get only the emails you actually want.

Following these simple steps can help prevent spam from taking over your inbox and wasting your time.


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