RESCUECOM Grows Exponentially

Continued Growth Indicates Major Success for RESCUECOM

July 8, 2004:

RESCUECOM Experiences Exponential Growth

SYRACUSE, NY While much of the United States economy slowly climbs out of its recent economic downturn, RESCUECOM moves full speed ahead.

RESCUECOM, a computer services and networking company that offers one hour on-site service 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, has already licensed 13 new franchises through the first six months of 2004. This progress - combined with 46 other successful franchises - equates to substantial growth, especially for a company that only began franchising as a mode of business expansion in 1999.

"With each day and every service call, we garner just a little bit more of the marketplace," said David A. Milman, CEO. "Achieving such sustained growth is a very high priority for our organization."

With 59 franchises spread out across the United States, RESCUECOM's influence is now far more expansive than the regional operation it began as in 1997. RESCUECOM now boasts franchises on both coasts, with a substantial presence in major northeast cities and the Pacific southwest.

Acting as a full time franchise recruiter, Milman is actively seeking only the "best of the best" in the computer industry to continue RESCUECOM's expansion. Unlike many other computer franchises, Milman insists on his operators having substantial experience and knowledge before they are allowed to take on the RESCUECOM name. Coupled with a week-long training session at the Syracuse, NY headquarters, potential franchisees are exposed to and expected to master the philosophy and inner workings of the corporation, even before contracts are signed.

"As a franchisee of the RESCUECOM system, these operators act as the ambassadors of our company in their various markets," said Milman. "Each of these steps ensures that we have the very best people available working for us out on the front lines."

An even bigger piece of the puzzle - and equally important to RESCUECOM's success - are the technicians performing the company's services and the process utilized to recruit top talent. As with franchisees, RESCUECOM has a very strict procedure when it comes to finding and hiring computer technicians. Each technician must have the experience and qualifications necessary to become "RESCUECOM certified."

Technicians are located through a sophisticated and highly automated recruiting process that includes several rounds of information gathering, testing, and interviews. In the end, out of the thousands of technicians who apply, only half of one percent are ever certified to work for a licensed franchisee. Through this process, RESCUECOM assures its franchise operators that any technician who can pass through the recruiting process is more than capable of handling the tasks of computer repair and network support.

As the only provider of guaranteed one-hour on-site support, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, RESCUECOM fills a void left vacant by many other computer repair services.

"Computer repair and support is far from a nine to five service," said Milman. "We provide the solutions you need, when you need them."

For More Information, Contact:
Christina Johnson, PR Specialist
(214) 628-4908

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Christina Obitts
Christina Obitts
2 weeks ago
As always, top notch service, super thorough, knowledgeable. Thanks David and the fine folks at Res
...As always, top notch service, super thorough, knowledgeable. Thanks David and the fine folks at Rescuecom :) less
dhana welborn
dhana welborn
3 weeks ago
great service
...great service less
Kathleen Hennan
Kathleen Hennan
a month ago
excellent in what he is doing
...excellent in what he is doing less
Melanie Ulliman
Melanie Ulliman
2 months ago
I have been a member/subscriber for many years. I have had all positive results every time. The tech
...I have been a member/subscriber for many years. I have had all positive results every time. The technicians are pleasant to interact with on every call. It has given me peace of mind to know my computer and I are protected. I don't know the capabilities of the computer, I am taught by fantastic reliable representatives. less
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