Apple Beats All in 2018 Computer Reliability Report

Apple-Samsung Battle Rages, Asus Falls

Samsung close behind Apple in RESCUECOM 2018 Computer Reliability Report

March 12, 2018

Apple makes great computers, no question about it, but they are expensive.
Another alternative are Samsung computers.

"The Samsung – Apple battle continues with Samsung coming in second to Apple but holding a higher rank than others due mostly to superior PCs like the sleek, elegant, and powerful ArtPC PULSE" says RESCUECOM’s David Milman.

Milman is head of RESCUECOM, the industry leader in computer repair, which regularly provides data on their service records to give consumers information on which computers are the most reliable.

Here is another alternative:

"To get the best balance of quality and value think IBM/Lenovo, as in the newly released ThinkPad 13, which comes in at around $500. With its superb processing power, speed, durability, long battery life, and excellent keyboard, it is the best budget laptop according to the RESCUECOM 2017 holiday laptop review," says Milman

While Microsoft struggled with the Surface Laptop line and Windows 10 S, the release of the Surface Book 2 demonstrates Microsoft’s newly developed expertise in hardware uniquely suited to take advantage of all the top features of Windows 10. Microsoft is now on an upward trajectory in reliability due to 2017’s top of the line releases. The Surface Book 2 and Surface Studio 2 are both well worth the investment for those with the budget for two of the best computers on the market.

In 2017, RESCUECOM’s been busy maintaining Dell, Acer, HP, and Asus computers based on older designs.

Since Michael Dell took Dell private, it appears his focus is on maximizing profits supersedes improving designs translating into cheaply made computers. DELL has a service tag system which allows its technicians to see the components put into each computer, in layman’s terms, even identical model computers may not contain the same components, causing constancy problems which adversely affects reliability.

Once on top of the reliability world, Asus has not kept up with better financed competitors and has fallen the farthest.

The market for computers is shrinking due to computing alternatives like tablets and phones. To be successful, manufacturers are going to have to spend more in research and development and rely less on older designs that worked years ago, but are not well suited to today’s very complex operating systems.


BrandU.S. Computer
/Tablet Market Share1, 2
1, 2
(% share of
1, 2
(% of
service calls
Reliability Score
bility Score1
Reliability Grade1Relia-
bility Grade1
1. Apple20.7%3.11%665A+
2. Samsung6.2%2.29%270A-
3. IBM/Lenovo8.5%7.3%118B+
4. Microsoft1.1%1.3%84B
5. Dell16.4%22.4%74C+
6. Acer3.2%4.9%66C
7. HP19.8%37.3%53D
8. Asus2.1%5.0%42D-

1 – Market share numbers provided by IDC.
2 – Brands percentage share of calls into RESCUECOM call center
3 – Calculated percent of computers released on the market against the number of repair calls per brand.
4 – Assigned by RESCUECOM to simplify the reliability scoring system.

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