2013 Q1 Computer Reliability Report, Now Including Tablets!

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RESCUECOM's 2013 Q1 Computer Reliability Report released; now including tablets!

The results are in for RESCUECOM's 2013 Q1 Computer Reliability Report; Samsung shows significant lead at the top, while Sony falls out of the top rankings!

SYRACUSE, N.Y. May 22, 2013 - "As consumers change their computing preferences, RESCUECOM is changing our methodology of reporting computer reliability," stated David Milman, CEO of RESCUECOM. "Much like the shift from PC desktops to laptops, a shift is happening from PCs to mobile computing, including tablets. Computer repair for these mobile devices is in high demand and reflect this new shift in the computer marketplace. Though in previous Rescuecom computer reliability reports, manufacturer reliability scores have not included tablets, both market share and computer repair calls for tablets are now included in our calculations. RESCUECOM's exciting development in reliability reporting more accurately reflects the current computing marketplace."

The computer reliability report scores for 2013 Q1 are:

1. Samsung (1170)
2. Apple (237)
3. Lenovo/IBM (190)
4. ASUS (149)
5. Toshiba (68)
6. HP (57)
7. Dell (49)
9. Acer (15)

"The results are stunning when adding tablets to the mix and noting the trends in both market share and repair share," comments David Milman. "When factoring in tablets and the iconic iPad, Apple is by far the clear market share leader, outranking the nearest competitor by almost 12%. Sony and Panasonic do not even place among the top listings for computer reliability scores."

Samsung, a big player in tablets with modest PC market share, has consistently maintained very low need for computer repair, as demonstrated by the low number of calls for service. IBM/Lenovo continues to demonstrate high reliability; the manufacturer has not failed to place among the top three within the past three years, often taking top rank.

The RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report is a factual, unbiased review of today's computer manufacturers. RESCUECOM defines reliability as the physical reliability of the computers plus the after the sale computer support of the manufacturers. The RESCUECOM Reliability Report is based on two fundamentals: the quality of the computer and the support provided by the manufacturer. Providing nationwide computer repair service for all makes and models, RESCUECOM is able to examine reliability across brand lines.

RESCUECOM's computer reliability scores take into account all types of calls for repair service, onsite as well as remote. Both hardware and software issues handled by RESCUECOM's level-3 certified technicians are included in the calculations for the reliability scores.

The most reliable computer manufacturers (order of reliability), along with the data used to calculate reliability scores are as follows:

ManufacturerU.S. Computer Market Share1, 3
(Percentage of Share computers shipped)
RESCUECOM Computer Repair Share1, 2
(Percentage of service calls to (703) 986-3233)
Computer Reliability Score1, 2
SAMSUNG 9.4% 0.8% 1170
APPLE 26.2% 11.0% 237
LENOVO/IBM 5.3% 2.8% 190
ASUS 5.1% 3.4% 149
TOSHIBA 5.2% 7.6% 68
HP 14.3% 25.3% 57
DELL 12.2% 25.1% 49
ACER 3.3% 21.4% 15

1 - As of the date of this report, and for future reports, the computer repair share percentages and computer reliability score include tablets.

2 - The computer reliability report does not include "other" manufacturers. "Other" is defined as all manufacturers that have below 1.0% market share.

3 - Market share numbers are provided by IDC (tablets included).


RESCUECOM provides computer repair and computer support, 24/7: Meeting every tech support need including data recovery, virus removal, networking, wireless services, and computer support for all brands of hardware and software. For computer support or information on products, services, or computer repair, visit http://www.rescuecom.com or call (703) 986-3233.

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