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Enhance Your Home Theater With The ViewSonic Pro8500!

An alternative to an expensive, high quality, high definition television – for those who have the space – is a digital video projector.  Digital video projectors have progressed to the point that one may get true high definition resolution and even 3-D visuals when connected to compatible equipment (like a 3-D Blu-Ray player).  For those who want to be able to create a true home theater experience and who might want to share their DVD or Blu-Ray collection with others in a larger visual format than even today’s HDTVs, the digital video projector is for you!  One of the premium digital projectors on the market today is the ViewSonic Pro8500. Read more »

Training The Software Writers, Jennifer Page Is Invaluable!

Given how vast the tech sector is, it is very easy for workers at all levels to find themselves suddenly working in an area in which their expertise is limited.  Keeping up with the tech sector can require quite a bit of continual training and often workers who are focused on their work-related tasks do not have the time to learn about the very latest practices or developments in the tech sectors.  That is why many companies utilize professional trainers who both update workers on current events and instruct workers on how to utilize programs with which they have limited prior experience.  One of the best trainers in the business is Jennifer Page! Read more »

Make Your Own Secure Security Network With The Uniden Guardian Wireless Video Surveillance System!

As more and more people get cooler and more expensive home electronics devices, it is hard not to feel insecure leaving home.  While the obvious solution would be to get a security system, the media portrays home security systems as drastically ineffective.  In fact, most people would be hard pressed not to be able to recall a time when they watched a movie or television program and a security system was compromised by cutting the wires from the cameras to the monitors.  One of the obvious, real-world, solutions to that problem is to assemble a security system that does not have wires that can be cut.  For that, you might want the Uniden Guardian Wireless Video Surveillance System. Read more »

Giving Voice To Computer Devices, Nigel Quinnin Is Very Cool!

When the Apple iPhone 4S was released, there was much ado made over Siri, the talking virtual butler program that was integrated into the new iPhone.  Siri receives input through verbal commands and inquiries and responds in a pleasant, feminine voice.  While Apple has been lauded for the technology (and criticized for its flaws), it is not the only company diligently working on voice recognition and vocal delivery software.  In fact, compared to LumenVox – a company working in the vocal engine software industry for over a decade – Apple is a relative newcomer!  Currently pushing the envelope of all that LumenVox creates is Nigel Quinnin. Read more »

Building Your Own Computer? You Might Want The XFX ProSeries 1050W Power Supply!

If you are building your own computer, you will require a power supply.  There is no getting around the need for power, but what might surprise you is just how many options there are for power supplies for PCs and servers.  For those who plan on making a system that utilizes a lot of peripherals and drives, you will need quite a bit of power.  As important as having power is utilizing the power supply in an efficient way.  For above-average power distributed in an exceptionally efficient manner, it is hard to find a better power supply than the XFX ProSeries 1050W PSU. Read more »

Make Your Teleconference Into An Event With The Polycom Unified Conference Station!

For many people, the idea of teleconferencing was a novelty idea in television shows like Star Trek and Mission: Impossible!  In one of the most pragmatic translations of science fiction into technological fact, communicating virtually instantaneously using both visual images and an audio transmission is now a reality.  One of the coolest pieces of hardware that makes this possible is the Polycom Unified Conference Station. Read more »

The Altec Lansing iM-237 Orbit Ultraportable Speaker For MP3 Players

One way for consumers to evaluate the quality of a product, especially after it has been on the market for a little while, is to compare the price of the item new to the price of used versions.  Consumers will generally not pay full price – or even close to full price – for an item that has been pre-owned.  However, high-quality products that are in limited supply and are an exceptional value at their new price will often have a price in the used marketplace that is remarkably close to the price of the item new.  When consumers are willing to pay virtually the same price for an item new or used, it is a ringing endorsement of the quality and longevity of that product.  By that standard, the Altec Lansing Orbit Ultraportable Speaker is a cool electronic device that music enthusiasts remain very excited by. Read more »

For The Serious Digital Artist, The Wacom Bamboo Create Works!

Despite what the big computer companies might want you to believe, the tablet computer is not a new idea.  In fact, before tablet computers achieved popularity with the breakout of the iPad, there was the computer tablet!  Less a full computer system like a tablet computer, computer tablets are essentially a peripheral, an input device used by visual artists to create artwork on the computer.  Despite the rise of tablet computers, computer tablets remain very popular with digital artists.  One of the most impressive computer tablets is the Wacom Bamboo Create. Read more »

How Surge Protection Cleans Up Your Dirty Power Supply

Computer repair companies, like RESCUECOM, encounter a wide variety of computer problems every day.  Because there are so many parts of computers that can fail or break down on their own from regular wear, it is distressing to discover how frequently damage to computers is reported from something that is easily preventable.  One of the easiest ways to prevent computer damage and protect your investment in your computer and other electronic devices is to purchase and properly use a good surge protector or Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). Read more »

When You Have Large, Protected, Data Storage Needs, The V-Trak E-Class Fibre Channel Storage System Delivers!

Both businesses and individuals are finding increasing need for versatile data storage options.  Property owners, especially, are finding that having a security system is seldom sufficient; they must have increasingly thorough surveillance records in order for the system to be useful (i.e. in aiding in the identification of interlopers) and insulate owners from lawsuits (i.e. having visual records of events involving accidents and building repairs).  That is why, more than ever, a good security system must be paired with a data storage system that can accommodate large volumes of digital records.  That is where the V-Trak E-Class Fibre Channel Storage System excels. Read more »

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