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For The Serious Digital Artist, The Wacom Bamboo Create Works!

Despite what the big computer companies might want you to believe, the tablet computer is not a new idea.  In fact, before tablet computers achieved popularity with the breakout of the iPad, there was the computer tablet!  Less a full computer system like a tablet computer, computer tablets are essentially a peripheral, an input device used by visual artists to create artwork on the computer.  Despite the rise of tablet computers, computer tablets remain very popular with digital artists.  One of the most impressive computer tablets is the Wacom Bamboo Create.

The Bamboo Create is a versatile and precise computer tablet manufactured exclusively by Wacom, a leader in the digital art peripherals sector.  When you purchase the Bamboo Create, you get the tablet, the Bamboo pen, extra pen nibs (tips), the quick start guide, installation CD and a software DVD featuring a full suite of digital drawing programs with which the Bamboo Create easily interfaces.  Your computer – PC or Mac – must have a USB port, color display, and a DVD-ROM drive that can read both CD-ROM and software DVDs.  The Bamboo Create works on systems that are running Windows 7, Vista and XP or Macintosh computers operating on OS X 10.5 or higher.

With a larger drawing area than most computer tablets on the market, the Bamboo Create gives you the most space to freely draw.  The working touchscreen space is 8.5” by 5.4” and the screen responds to both input from the Bamboo pen and your fingers.  Wacom takes great pride in creating tools that are the most useful to digital artists and the Bamboo Create represents the zenith of that desire.  The touchscreen and software for the Bamboo Create are exceptionally precise, creating marks that are accurate to within .02”.  This gives artists the ability to create exceptionally detailed digital drawings or to make incredibly fine alterations to digital photographs!

Reversible so it may be used as easily by left-handed artists as by right handed users, the Bamboo Create has a native resolution of 2540 lpi.  Usage is as easy, after the software is installed, as drawing on a pad of paper and the controls are easy enough to use that corrections are far easier.  Wacom helps digital artists adjust the flow of their work – through training materials in the software – so artists get in the flow of fixing while creating, instead of the abrupt stops that artists were forced to endure as they erased their mistakes.  The support materials that the Bamboo Create comes with enhance the user experience and help you make the most out of your computer tablet.

Digital artists will find the Bamboo Create to be a high-quality, professional interface device that allows them to take their digital drawings to the next level!


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