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A Very Cool Digital Photo Service, Ceiva PicturePlan Is Photo Network!

The concept of a social network is actually a very simple one: you log into a network, provide information about yourself and develop a channel to share interests and information with other people in your life.  As well, you may use a social network to expand your circle of friends by starting conversations with likeminded people who share some of the same interests as you.  One of the coolest products on the Internet, is expanding the perception of what a social network can be by offering options that make for a very real photo network!  The service is the Ceiva PicturePlan Photo Delivery Service and it is innovative, fresh, and very cool. Read more »

Make Your Memories Pop With The Aiptek P8i26 Portable 3D Display!

With the rise of digital photography, people have a vastly easier ability to take pictures and store them than ever before.  Taking photographs is no longer a costly or time-consuming process and with today’s digital storage methods, you can create a virtually limitless repository of images from your life and experiences.  What has not kept pace with the ability to take digital photographs is a normalization of technology used to display digital photographs.  In many offices and even at home, people have prints of pictures or they will furtively look through the images stored on their smartphone when they need to feel connected, but while digital picture frames have existed for years, the market has not grown nearly as fast as the technology by which you take digital photographs has improved.  Aiptek aims to change that and with their P8i26 Portable 3D Display, they make it easy to display and enjoy digital photographs! Read more »

Augment Your Drive With The Jabra Freeway Hands Free Speaker System

As more states crack down on texting while driving and the usage of smartphones while driving, innovative companies continue to make it easier to enjoy most of the essential functions of your smartphone as a hands free device.  Companies like are ahead of the curve, creating intriguing, fun, and useful hands free devices before the law mandates that drivers must have them.  In states where hands free laws are going into effect, Jabra may have an advantage as users who enjoy their products are readily recommending them to their friends even before the laws change.  One of the most lauded Jabra products with the Jabra Freeway. Read more »

Get The Most Out Of Your Tablet, Without Getting A Ticket, With The Arkon Universal Tablet Car Mount!

You should not attempt to operate your smartphone or tablet computer while driving.  In many states in the United States, legislators are proposing and passing more rigid guidelines pertaining to using a smartphone or texting while driving.  However, because the most aggressive bills proposed to limit smartphone usage in automobiles would also affect the use of radios or dashboard c.d. players, the odds are very good that hands free laws are ones most likely to continue being written and passed.  Thus, anything you can do to make your mobile computing device truly hands free is a good idea.  For those who prefer tablet computers to smartphones, one of the very best options is the Arkon Universal Tablet Car Mount 18” Seat Rail or Floor Mount. Read more »

Enjoy Hands Free Viewing On Your IPhone 4/4S With The Macally Foldable Charging Stand.

Last year when the Apple Computers released the iPhone 4S, users were understandably thrilled by the device.  The iPhone 4S remains one of the most powerful smartphones on the market and one of the most coveted.  Despite numerous rumors that the iPhone 5 will be released later this year, many iPhone users who love their iPhone 4 or 4S may want to keep their familiar smartphone and avoid the hassle of having to program a new iPhone.  For those people (and those who want to believe that the iPhone 5 will have the same physical specifications as the 4S) it may be time to start accessorizing your iPhone 4S.  One of the coolest accessories for the iPhone 4S is also one of the most simple: the Macally Foldable Charging Stand. Read more »

One Of The Three Founders, Eli Tucker Is Engineering The Future For Vizify!

This year will see some exciting new sites and developments on the Internet and in the world of mobile computing.  As Microsoft prepares to return to the tablet computer market, Apple leaks rumors of its iPhone 5 and the giants of technology sue one another repeatedly over alleged patent violations, many exciting new start-ups are readying for public launch.  One of the applications that is generating a great deal of buzz already is Vizify, a service that will cull your social networking information to allow you to create an uber-profile that puts the best of you at the forefront of the Internet.  Vizify is nearing completion and taking it the last steps to launch is what Eli Tucker is entirely focused on these days! Read more »

Helping To Design GoldRun, Tiffany Grace Ng Blends Virtual And Real Worlds!

Good ideas are only executed as viable business endeavors when the founder of a start-up assembles a team that can make that vision become a reality.  Recently, Vivian Rosenthal won a Next Generation Award for being one of the top five female leaders in the tech industry as honored by L’Oreal.  Rosenthal won her award for founding and managing GoldRun, a website that allows users to place images of real world people and objects into a digital setting based on GPS technology.  The ambitious project has allowed users and advertisers to interact in exciting new ways.  Rosenthal’s vision created GoldRun, but people like Tiffany Grace Ng built and maintain it! Read more »

The Most Discrete Wireless Keyboard Yet: The Hawking Technology Wireless Multimedia Control Pad!

There are a surprising number of variations to keyboards that have made for exciting news among fans of new technologies in recent years.  While the fundamentals of the keyboard have remained solid – most notably the standard QWERTY style for the majority of keyboards even today – there have been some exciting changes to the form of the keyboard, from ergonomically-correct keyboards that reduce strain on the fingers and arms to virtual keyboards that allow you to type on any surface.  But one of the exciting new keyboard designs augments your computer or mobile computing device in a way that may provide you a more seamless user experience between your many computing devices.  That keyboard is the Hawking Technology Wireless Multimedia Control Pad. Read more »

Real Security For Your Android-Driven Device: Reliaty55!

Security is a concern in the tech sector that only continues to grow.  The growth of security services pertaining to computers, smartphones and mobile computing devices is not a reflection on the industry’s unwillingness to adapt; technology continues to change at such a fast rate and hackers continue to adapt as well, necessitating an almost-constant development of new security-related products and services.  While many computers have been protected by the most robust anti-viral software ever created, as hackers take on smartphones and mobile computing devices, many of the major software developers have been slow to react.  Instead, consumers are discovering the benefits of mobile computing protection software, like Reliaty55. Read more »

Transform Your Fast USB Connection Into Several With The 7-Port Hub From Siig!

With the sheer volume of computer products and electronic devices that utilize USB ports and jacks, it is very easy to find yourself without enough USB ports on your computer, laptop computer or other USB-receiving device.  This is an especially frustrating condition when you have the latest tech that runs on USB 3.0; one of the key selling points of USB 3.0 is the super-fast transfer rates at which the protocol operates.  In order to take advantage of many of the benefits of USB 3.0 devices, you are likely to have to swap multiple cords and devices out of a single USB 3.0 port.  All of that changes, though, with the USB 3.0 & 2.0 7-Port Hub from Siig. Read more »

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