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One Of The Three Founders, Eli Tucker Is Engineering The Future For Vizify!

This year will see some exciting new sites and developments on the Internet and in the world of mobile computing.  As Microsoft prepares to return to the tablet computer market, Apple leaks rumors of its iPhone 5 and the giants of technology sue one another repeatedly over alleged patent violations, many exciting new start-ups are readying for public launch.  One of the applications that is generating a great deal of buzz already is Vizify, a service that will cull your social networking information to allow you to create an uber-profile that puts the best of you at the forefront of the Internet.  Vizify is nearing completion and taking it the last steps to launch is what Eli Tucker is entirely focused on these days!


Eli Tucker is one of three Co-Founders of Vizify.  He also serves the start-up as the Vice President of Engineering.  While his peers seem focused on the business aspects and overall mechanics of Vizify, it is Eli Tucker who is doing much of the actual coding of the new site and application.  While the other founders line up the deals and prepare the site for launch, Vizify will not be ready to come out of Beta until Eli Tucker gives it his approval.  With that day rapidly approaching, Eli Tucker has his work cut out for him.


From 1996 to 1999, Eli Tucker attended Willamette University.  There, he studied Computer Science, Math, and Economics and he graduated from the school with his Bachelor’s of Science.  While in school, though, Tucker availed himself of many of the opportunities that came with attending Willamette University, namely internships with affiliated tech companies!  Over the summer months in 1997, Eli Tucker had his first taste of life as a software engineer when he took an internship as a software engineer for Intel.  The next summer, he followed up with a software engineering internship at Synopsys.  At Synopsys, Eli Tucker was responsible for designing and programming a multi-platform testing environment.  Before finishing his internship, he had to train the paid engineers who would use his tool on how to use his simulator.


Upon graduation, Eli Tucker was immediately hired as Senior Software Engineer for eFusion/ITXC.  There, Tucker created applications that helped pioneer and perfect VOIP technology.  His work came to the attention of the owners of eStara, who bought eFusion.  After spending a year as the Software Consultant for ThinkTank23, Eli Tucker joined ThinkShare in 2003 as the company’s Senior Software Developer.  Over the course of the two years that followed, Tucker helped design and program an application for the construction industry that is still used today on smartphones, tablet computers, and PCs!  In 2005, Eli Tucker joined Monsoon as a software engineer and he was there when he, Todd Silverstein, and Jeff Cutler-Stamm conceived Vizify.


Eli Tucker has illustrated a creative mind that is backed by expert programming skills in the past; applying those skills to the Vizify concept makes it hard to anticipate that Vizify will be anything but a rousing success as a result!



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