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Directing New Growth, John T. Sweet Is Helping To Engineer The Future!

One might say of entrepreneurs that they are people who worked within an industry long enough to know what works and what needs to be changed and then they form a business to execute their improved vision of what the industry needs.  Sometimes, entrepreneurs are people who work within an industry who see an opportunity to expand that the company for which they work will not exploit.  In both instances, entrepreneurs are individuals with vision, drive, determination, and capital to risk on their own plan.  John T. Sweet is a an entrepreneur who is revolutionizing the construction and engineering industry in Papua New Guinea to completely transform and modernize Port Moresby!


John T. Sweet is the director of not one, but four companies in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, spanning a wide array of interests across the tech, construction, and financial sectors.  Eager to transform Port Moresby into a 21st Century city, John T. Sweet has systematically invested in the future of the city and expanded his enterprises and interests to allow growth to occur.  Of his many endeavors in Port Moresby, John T. Sweet has been the Managing Director of Ngo Holdings the longest.  For the past six and a half years, John T. Sweet has run Ngo Holdings, a construction and investment firm that is primarily concerned with new construction and growing businesses related to its construction interests.


After graduating from high school at the Centre International de Valbonne, John T. Sweet went to Texas A&M University where he studied Electrical Engineering.  In 1988, Sweet went from Texas to Thailand to study Hospitality at the I-TIM in Bankok.  Upon graduating, John T. Sweet went to work for Lae Builders & Contractors.  Working construction in Lae (Papau New Guinea), John T. Sweet rose to be a Managing Director of the company over seventeen years, ten months.


Even as he was managing Lae Builders & Contractors, John T. Sweet yearned for something more.  So, he went to Ngo Holdings and took over as their managing director.  Fresh with a number of good ideas on how to change and grow the construction industry to help transform and modernize Port Moresby, John T. Sweet rapidly grew Ngo Holdings.  In 2008, the Port Moresby initiative took on such a scale and scope that Ngo Holdings spun the construction work there into its own company, Digara Construction Services, which John T. Sweet was hired to direct.  Concurrent with directing Digara Construction Services and Ngo Holdings, John T. Sweet was asked to serve as Director of Rapid Hire, another company that came out of Ngo Holdings.  Sweet complied and a month later, he was asked to start directing the engineering firm that came out of NGO Holdings, Ferrum Engineering.


Now directing all four companies, John T. Sweet is effectively building Port Moresby into an impressive, modern, city!



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