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It’s Official! The Microsoft Surface Is Set To Launch!

The tech sector – and business interests who do not want to see the world dominated by Apple Computers’ products – is abuzz with renewed enthusiasm over tablet computers.  Out of the tablet computer manufacturing business for the boom time of the device, Microsoft is once again producing tablet computers!  Intended to compete head-to-head with the Apple iPad, Microsoft’s new tablet computer will arrive in the marketplace later in 2012.  It called the Microsoft Surface. 

Some of specifications of the Surface that Microsoft has officially announced include:

There will be two models.  The first-to-market will be the Windows 8 RT and it is being sold on being exceptionally thin and light.  In fact, it is so thin that it can barely accommodate a USB port!  Weighing just under a pound and a half, it is intended to be Microsoft’s affordable entry into the tablet computer market.  It will be followed about three months later by the Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro model, which will trade on more powerful microchips utilizing an Ivy Bridge framework.

It will utilize Gorilla Glass.  The display will be high definition and utilize the ultra-strong Gorilla Glass that has been increasingly popular with new smartphones.  This should make the screen virtually unbreakable and increase the value of the Surface.

They will utilize a keyboard.  Both Surface models unfold, almost like a laptop computer, or a tablet computer in a portfolio-style protector.  The Surface’s cover will not simply be decorative or protective, it houses a keyboard intended to allow users to get the most out of the screen area.  Instead of losing screen space to a touchscreen keyboard, you will have the full surface are of the screen for maximum impact of your programs.

There are plenty of sweet embedded gadgets.  As is typical with tablet computers these days, the Microsoft Surface will include a camera.  The RT will also include two multiple-in, multiple-out Wi-Fi antennas, which will make it the most powerful Wi-Fi tablet on the market when it is released!  The Pro will utilize USB 3.0 protocols and revolutionary peripheral venting which will keep it cool.

For those waiting for something different in the tablet computer market, Microsoft is prepared to deliver with its Surface tablet computers!


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