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Augment Your Drive With The Jabra Freeway Hands Free Speaker System

As more states crack down on texting while driving and the usage of smartphones while driving, innovative companies continue to make it easier to enjoy most of the essential functions of your smartphone as a hands free device.  Companies like are ahead of the curve, creating intriguing, fun, and useful hands free devices before the law mandates that drivers must have them.  In states where hands free laws are going into effect, Jabra may have an advantage as users who enjoy their products are readily recommending them to their friends even before the laws change.  One of the most lauded Jabra products with the Jabra Freeway.


The Jabra Freeway, product number 100-46000000-60 in the Jabra catalogue, is a Bluetooth in-car speakerphone system.  The Jabra Freeway is about the same size – just wider – as the average smartphone and it looks like a speaker or a digital answering machine.  As it is fairly unobtrusive, it easily clips to your sun visor in your car to provide you with audio that is vivid in its presentation without forcing you to mount it somewhere where it might interfere with your ability to see.  The Jabra Freeway interfaces with your smartphone to allow you to make and receive hands free calls.


Fortunately, there is more to the Jabra Freeway than simply relaying your phone calls!  In addition to taking commands using its Bluetooth and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity options, the Jabra Freeway interfaces with your smartphone to play your music.  Whether you have music on your phone or utilize a streaming service, the Jabra Freeway allows you to play your music over a nice, surround-sound speaker system, as opposed to having to listen to a tinny sound from your smartphone or channel your music to only one ear utilizing your BlueTooth device!


In a similar fashion, the Jabra Freeway may be paired with multiple mobile devices at a time, so it may relay GPS directions to you from a compatible GPS device or a mapping program utilized by your smartphone.  You may, prior to your trip, program your mapping program, and synch it with the Jabra Freeway to provide you with turn by turn directions.


To aid you with making calls while driving, the Jabra Freeway features dual microphones with Noise Blackout, which cleans up the signal so your voice is not competing with the regular engine and road noises!  The Jabra Freeway may stream music for up to fourteen hours before it needs to be recharged and you may talk on the Jabra Freeway for the same length of time.  When you do need to recharge the Jabra Freeway, that is easily accomplished through a USB connection and Jabra includes the cable necessary for that.  It only takes two hours to completely recharge the Jabra Freeway.


With its ability to relay calls and directions effectively and play music for when you want the benefits of your streaming service while driving, the Jabra Freeway truly is a remarkably helpful and fun hands free device.



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