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Rumors Of Google’s New Product Lines Abound In Advance Of The I/O Conference!

It is developer’s conference time!  Following on the heels of Apple’s Developer’s Conference and the All Things D D10 Conference, where guests from all across the tech sector and media spoke, Google’s annual I/O Conference will start on June 27 in San Francisco, California.  The three day conference is sold-out and is expected to include a slew of new product releases that should reach the marketplace by the end of the year.  Rumored products being announced at the I/O Conference this year include:

Android Home Entertainment Device. The big news from Google is that its Android@Home Division is now up and running and has its first big product release ready.  The as-yet-unnamed Device (something has to be saved for the pageantry of the Conference!) should allow you to use your smartphone or tablet computer to wirelessly stream media directly into a home theater system.  While similar services exist, Google has been absent from this market and their product is likely to interact with other Google products in a way that allows you to synch your entire electronics portfolio with your Google-driven products!

Google Wallet. Google has been working on a mobile payment app, like Dwolla and PayPal.  If it is ready for the marketplace, the I/O Conference is where it will be introduced!

Android Jelly Bean. Google’s popular mobile operating system will get a minor update by the end of the year.  Unlike the overhaul that Ice Cream Sandwich represented, Jelly Bean is supposed to be a minor series of tweaks to the system.  Jelly Bean is such a minor upgrade that the leak machine surrounding Google’s I/O Conference did not bother to preview any new features, abilities or patches with the new OS.

Google+ Apps.  The Google+ social network has been struggling.  Part of the idea to strengthen the network is to increase its abilities on mobile devices.  That means that applications unique to the platform need to be developed and adequately promoted.  The rumor is that some big new apps for the mobile version of Google+ will be announced at the conference.

Tablet Computers.  Following Microsoft’s announcement that it will create a new line of tablet computers, Google is expected to produce its own tablet computers.  In developing its own hardware for tablet computers, Google not only hopes to compete against Apple and Microsoft, but also to create hardware that encourages application writers to create programs for Android that specifically utilize the benefits of the tablet computer.  So far, many app designers have made apps specifically for smartphones, many of which do not translate as well to the tablet computer platform.

With its diverse product lines, Google is once again illustrating that it will try to have a product in every niche in the technology and communications sectors!


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