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The Best Of The Fax Over The Internet Services!

The fax, the facsimile which was essentially a scan sent from one machine to another over the phone line, is a dying technology.   Scanners and e-mail provide essentially the same services and they are easy-to-use technologies used in every industrialized nation on Earth.  However, e-mails do not have the legal authority of faxes.  As a result, Fax Over Internet Protocol technology has emerged as a new industry.  Choosing the right FOIP provider can be a challenge.  Three of the best are: Read more »

Like A Bounty Hunter For The Tech Sector, Paul Seed Runs!

With technology in a constant state of development, it is very easy to find yourself in possession of equipment that is no longer state-of-the-art.  In fact, prior to the development of USB standards, there was a remarkably short amount of time between when all sorts of technologies and interfaces went from being state-of-the-art to obsolete.  Within the consumer electronics market, there is a significant population of people who cannot afford every upgrade or simply does not want to change their hardware simply because manufacturers have created something new.  Catering to that market is and Paul Seed. Read more »

Rescuecom’s iPhone 5 Rumors

Good journalism requires sources.  Reporting a story requires facts, verification from authorities and precise language.  In the tech sector, however, virtually every otherwise ethical and authoritative journalist throws out the book when it comes to reporting on Apple products.  Apparently, speculation on Apple’s next major release allows journalists to become absolutely sloppy and report loads of information which they later retract.  Read more »

The Newest Trend You Never Noticed

There are three smartphones, made by trendsetters Apple, Motorola, and Nokia, which significantly outlast other phones in terms of battery life. The iPhone 4S, Droid Razr Maxx, and Lumia 900 have batteries that last for around 9 hours of talk time. This is in comparison to other smartphones that only last an average of 5 hours of talking time. Of course, many factors contribute to the battery life of a phone, but what do those three models have in common that provides the extra talk time? Read more »

A Stylish And Cool Laptop Cooler, The Cryo LX!

The bane of laptop computers is overheating.  No matter how laptop computer manufacturers work, they have not created a laptop computer that keeps the internal components cool enough to allow them optimal functioning conditions.  While laptop computer fans have been manufactured to run quieter than they used to, often laptop computers need an additional cooling device.  One of the most stylish laptop computer coolers is the Cryo LX aluminum notebook cooler. Read more »

If You Are Building Your Own Server, The TYAN S7050 Motherboard Is A Great Place To Start!

There are many computer enthusiasts who enjoy the process of building their own computers.  It can be a real challenge to assemble your personal computer from the bottom up.  For those computer lovers who enjoy the process of assembling their own computers, the next step after making their own personal computer is assembling their own server from scratch.  For that, you have to start with a powerful, flexible motherboard.  For that, the TYAN S7050 Motherboard is an exceptional option! Read more »

Gelaskins Make Your Tablet Computer Unique!

As tablet computers become more of a ubiquitous product in the United States and around the world, it becomes easier for mistakes and mix-ups to occur.  After all, when all iPads look the same, it is easy to pick up the wrong one in a social situation.  Nothing can make you feel like your tablet computer is uniquely yours than a skin that sets it apart from every other tablet computer.  That is where GelaSkins comes in! Read more »

Use Your Smartphone To Be A Reporter With The Stringfly App!

Have you ever seen something legitimately newsworthy and wished there was a reporter around to get the facts correct? Do you wish there was a way you could give feedback to companies easily?  Do you love sharing great deals you find with your friends as soon as you encounter them?  Now, there is a smartphone app that meets all of those needs!  That app is Stringfly.

  Read more »

Power Felt Is An Intriguing Emerging Techology!

Environmental awareness has become an important factor in all areas of society.  There has been a great deal of research into developing environmentally beneficial or responsible technologies. Researchers at Wake Forest University in South Carolina are concerned with creating green technologies. That is one reason why they have been developing a new method of harnessing heat energy to convert into electricity. Power Felt is the first breakthrough that the researchers have developed to create cleaner, greener, and more sustainable energy. Read more »

Creating Mobile Computing Devices For Individuals, Yves Gregoire Succeeds!

In the tech sector, there are many important companies whose influence is not felt as widely in the United States as it is in other parts of the world.  One company that is still gaining footing in the United States is Archos.  Archos has a significant market share in the consumer electronics market in Europe, especially France.  Archos produces its own line of portable audio and video players, tablet computers and netbooks.  The man who pioneers the various technologies for Archos is Yves Gregoire and he is an impressive engineer! Read more »

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