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Tech Support Tips: Smartphone Data Recovery can be Costly

Smartphone data recovery can be costly, but it can be avoided by following some simple tech support tips.

Many of us rely on mobile devices such as the iPhone and the BlackBerry.  Yet, despite everything we do with these phones, one thing we don’t always do is take precautions to preserve our data.

So what can you do to avoid needing data recovery for your smartphone? Read more »

Internet Security: Safe Searching with Google

Google is the “King of Search”.  Now, it has another, less flattering title: “King of Malware.”  Google search results have become an Internet security threat.

The Barracuda Labs 2010 Midyear Security Report studied search engine results for ‘trending’ topics, and showed significant flaws in Google’s Internet security.

According to Barracuda, Google searches resulted in far more malware infected links – 69% – than results for Yahoo, Bing, and Twitter combined.  Read more »

Even the Smallest Change Can Lead to Problems

Do you know what every update, installation, and change does to your computer?  Computer repair and computer support issues can be caused by obvious things, like physical damage.  But they can also be the result of even simple changes to your computer.

Being aware of these changes, and their potential for causing trouble, is a key step in avoiding a costly computer repair or computer support problem. Read more »

Computer Support Tips: Lesser Known Computer Parts Explained

Most of us are not as tech savvy as the computer support specialists we entrust with our computer repair problems.  We all know the main parts of a computer such as the CPU, hardware, software, and memory, but we’d probably be at a loss to explain what a BIOS is or how the Windows Registry works.  To help make things a little clearer, RESCUECOM’s computer support specialists offer these simple definitions of complex computer parts. Read more »

Computer Support Tips: Help Us to Help You

Many of us rely on professional computer support and computer repair specialists to keep us up and running.  But how many of us have ever wondered what we might be able to do to help them?

Computer support and computer repair specialists like to help.  They have to – it’s part of the job.  But, just like you, they also like it when things go as smoothly as possible.  While you may not be able to fix complicated computer repair problems, there are some things you can do to make the experience go as smoothly as possible, for both you and the technician. Read more »

Buying a Computer: Why Computer Support and Computer Repair Records Matter

Before purchasing a new computer, most consumers do research on the specs of various products, looking to find the one that best suits their needs.  What’s often overlooked is the computer support and computer repair records of the companies behind the machines.  “Consumers need to know that those records may be more important than the computer’s specs,” says RESCUECOM CEO David Milman. Read more »

Summer Heat can Lead to Computer Repair

Summertime brings unique computer repair problems. Overheating is the obvious computer repair culprit, but RESCUECOM’s computer support specialists caution that power surges and blackouts can also lead to computer repair.

The top heat related threats and how to combat them: Read more »

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