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Creating A Virtual Presence For Real People, Furqan Rydhan Runs LiveServe!

With so many incredible products and services that may easily be found on the Internet, it is amazing that there is still room for innovation there.  Yet, every year entrepreneurs come up with brand new ways to utilize the Internet.  Those entrepreneurs are clever, imaginative people; the successful ones find a niche that has been neglected before they pioneer the new product or service.  Perhaps that level of imagination explains why so many entrepreneurs in the tech sector are so young!  Youth and imagination are characteristics Furqan Rydhan benefitted from when he became CEO of LiveServe Technologies, Inc. Read more »

Mount Your Monitor Your Way With The Ergotron Interactive Arm HD!

Changes in technology are actually encouraging people to change the way they look at their work and recreation spaces.  With the rise of streaming Cloud-based media on the Internet at the same time as widescreen, flat panel style high-definition monitors and televisions, the desktop-based monitor is rapidly becoming a relic of the past.  Instead, many consumers are finding ways to access their Internet-based media and display it on their HDTVs and monitors, which has given rise to the wall-mount monitor.  To ideally use your space as well as protect your high-definition monitor or screen investment, you need a solid wall mount, like the Ergotron Interactive Arm HD! Read more »

Another Replacement For Picnik, Aviary Allows You To Edit Photos In Your App!

It is interesting to watch how the market reacts to a change.  Sometimes, the influence of a product or service is not realized until the product or service is removed from the marketplace.  Watching the market react to the shutdown of Picnik, a niche market online digital photo editing tool, has been a study in corporate loyalty and opportunism.  Fans of Picnik vociferously resisted the integration of the Picnik tools into Google+.  The market responded with the birth or promotion of several services similar to Picnik.  One of the frontrunners to replace Picnik in the Internet zeitgeist is Aviary. Read more »

Managing Yahoo! In Asia: Rose Tsou Succeeds!

One of the most interesting aspects of the World Wide Web has to be that it has forced companies to truly work on an international level, as opposed to simply within one country.  The fascinating corollary to that is that many companies have a vastly different presence on the Internet, depending on where in the world one is accessing them.  So, even as Yahoo! has made a decline in the United States, it remains a powerhouse company in the Pacific Rim countries, despite a few setbacks with failed attempts to acquire existing companies there.  Part of the reason for Yahoo!’s continued relevance in Asia is Rose Tsou. Read more »

Merchandising Angry Birds: The Best The Fad Has To Offer!

There is nothing new about popular companies or brands merchandising their name well outside the product that initially made the company famous, even in the technology sector.  One need look no further than Apple’s early 1980s line of windbreakers and Swiss Army Knives to know that the tech sector, like the media and celebrities, has long tried to make money off baubles unrelated to their technological advances.  As one of the most popular video games on the market for the last few years, one of the biggest licenses to stem from the technology sector is Angry Birds. Read more »

Want To Learn German? Fluenz German 1+2+3 Is The Best Tool For Adults!

Learning to speak a foreign language can be especially difficult for adults.  After all, adults have years, decades, of word associations to overcome when learning a foreign language.  With many other languages having different word orders and verb tenses that are not used in English, adult learners are not only tasked with learning a new language, but with thinking an entirely new way.  Fortunately, not every language is as difficult as learning Chinese and there are some great programs for those who want to rise to the challenge of learning a foreign language.  For learning German, there is arguably no better resource than Fluenz German 1+2+3. Read more »

Replacing Picnik, iPiccy Is Very Cool!

Fans of digital photography – especially amateurs and those who do not have a lot of money for expensive, professional photo manipulation software – have been mourning the demise of Picnik.  Picnik is no longer an independent photo manipulation website, though its tools have been absorbed into Google+.  For those who might not want to join yet another social network, but enjoyed the look and feel of Picnik, there is now iPiccy. Read more »

Sean Olive Makes Harmon Kardon Products Sound Exceptional!

With all of the advances in digital music technology, it is unsurprising that consumers today are constantly looking for better audio equipment.  While an inexpensive mp3 player may play audio files with equal precision as the most expensive players, serious audiophiles know that the quality of the speakers, headphones or earbuds make all the difference with digital music.  Harmon Kardon is an industry leader in the manufacture of quality audio equipment.  Harmon Kardon relies upon the talents of Sean Olive. Read more »

Find Out What All Those Tweets Mean At TagWalk!

Of all the social networks on the Internet, Twitter seems to be the one that is both the most trendy and least useful.  Limited to 140 characters, Twitter is basically an extended message board for your life where you keep anyone who might be interested up to date on where you are, what you are doing and/or what thoughts are going through your mind.  While Twitter might not be a bastion of deep thoughts or profound ideas, Twitter actually embodies perfectly the “social” part of social networking.  More than any other social network, Twitter acts as a barometer of just what is hip, trendy, and popular in the world at any given moment.  Twitter is the snapshot of both popular culture and current events.  But, seeing the big picture Twitter is trying to reveal can be hard.  For that, you need TagWalk. Read more »

What Does Google’s Potential Buyout Of Motorola Mean To You?

Big business transactions happen every day in the tech sector.  As more and more technology companies buy out their competition or diversify to stay relevant in a changing marketplace, it is sometimes tough to understand what specific transactions might actually mean.  Lately, there has been a lot of speculation that Google will pay $12.5 billion to buy Motorola Mobility.  This transaction has created a lot of buzz in both the tech sector and the business world.  There are several factors that make Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility an atypical buyout. Read more »

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