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One Of The Young Stars Of The Internet: Martin Kleppmann!

With the death of Steve Jobs and movies that focus on how Mark Zuckerberg and his friends created Facebook, many in the media are focused on looking out for the next tech sector wunderkind.  With so many of the current crop of rising stars in the tech sector focused solely on their Internet startups or technological breakthroughs, it is easy to forget that historically, the real geniuses of the tech sector have been well-rounded individuals with a lot of interests.  The fact that these creative geniuses who are interested in many things focus on the technology industry to leave their mark does not negate the fact that the inventors, CEOs and envelope-pushers of the tech sector all had more going for them than simply their career.  That is why Martin Kleppmann is the Internet entrepreneur to watch!

Martin Kleppmann is the co-founder of Rapportive, a powerful social networking tool that provides you with key information about anyone who e-mails you the moment you open your Inbox!  Kleppmann co-founded Rapportive with his friends Rahul Vohra and Sam Stokes, who served, respectively, as CEO and CTO of Rapportive.  While Martin Kleppmann is very quick to include the influence of Vohra and Stokes whenever the topic of founding Rapportive comes up, it is hard to deny that much of the creative genius behind conceiving and executing the Rapportive application came from Kleppmann.

Born in Germany, Martin Kleppmann attended the University of Cambridge.  In 2006, he was the top of the Computer Science graduating class.  After getting his B.A. in Computer Science, though, he took a year to attend the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.  There, he wrote and produced a musical drama, The Towers of February.  It was after stretching his artistic wings – though he occasionally performs original musical works – that he returned to the technology industry.

In 2007, Martin Kleppmann joined EPT Computing, where he quickly distinguished himself by designing Go Test It.  Go Test It was a software application that allowed programmers to see how the websites they were creating looked in various web browsers.  The success of Go Test It forced Kleppmann to spin the idea off into its own company, Red Gate Software.  While managing Red Gate Software, Martin Kleppmann and his friends conceived of Rapportive, which they developed and brought to market in a matter of months!

Given that LinkedIn recently purchased Rapportive and Martin Kleppmann was integrated into LinkedIn as the Senior Software Engineer, it is undeniable that he is a talent watch.  With so many good ideas already executed by the young man, it is exciting to see just what Martin Kleppmann will do next!


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