Company’s PD-450 is the Best of Both Worlds for your Photos

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Tech Support Blog

Tech Support Blog

Kodak’s Latest Advancement Combines the Best of Print and Digital Photography

Kodak is not only one of the oldest continuously operating businesses in America and the world, but it was one of the first to sell cameras, film, and other accessories commercially. While it has had struggles adapting to changing technology in the more recent past, it has since found ways to keep up in the growing tech market. One of its most creative, innovative, and most advanced products thus far is its PD-450 dock and wifi photo printer. Technology in photography had grown well past the point of taking and holding physical pictures, not to mention the vast improvements in quality, and mobile technology has taken it further than that. With the PD-450, Kodak has found a way to merge both into something even better. Read more »

The Charge 2 is a Revolution in Fitness Tracking

Fitbit is perhaps the premier name in the fitness tracker category, and the company’s newest offering is not just more of the same. It has always been a very popular brand, as well as probably the largest of its kind, and it had a hit with the Charge HR. That model came out in 2015, however, so a new release from Fitbit has been a good while coming in a quickly evolving tech market, and the answer was the Fitbit Charge 2. Read more »

What is a Streaming Media Player and What Does it Mean to Me?

Cable TV was once dominant and commonplace in the home before the Internet. Fast forward to today and now you can view videos, Network TV shows, movies all online whenever and wherever, without cable. Why keep your cable subscription? Companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO Go and many others allow members access to stream television shows on any device with an Internet connection. For years, streaming media was only available just on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Now, streaming media players give you the ability to connect your smart television to the Internet so you can view your favorite shows, videos and media content on it. Read more »

RESCUECOM Releases 2015 Q1 Computer Reliability Report

photo rescuecom-computer-reliability-report.png

The 2015 Q1 RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report has arrived, showing longstanding contenders in reliability battling for the top spot along with a surprising comeback in one manufacturer’s reliability.

The Computer Reliability Report takes a manufacturer’s market share of computers and tablets in the U.S. and compares it against the number of tech support calls RESCUECOM receives for that manufacturer’s products to determine a reliability score. Read more »

RESCUECOM Releases 2015 Q1 Computer Repair Report

photo rescuecom-computer-reliability-report.png
RESCUECOM has tallied up all the computer repair calls it received, including tablets, for the 2015 Q1 Computer Repair Report, showing a surprising leap in certain problem areas.

The Computer Repair Report is created by tallying the data from all calls RESCUECOM receives at its 1-800-RESCUE-PC call center to form a list of the most common computer and tablet problems. RESCUECOM ranks the top ten computer repair problems in order from most frequent to least and explains them by category, creating a useful tool to inform users about the threats their tech devices face.

Read more »

RESCUECOM Releases 2015 Computer Reliability Report

photo rescuecom-computer-reliability-report.png
The computer and tablet reliability scores are in for the 2015 RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report, bringing in some new names in the tablet market.

Most of the big names from previous reports have once again claimed a spot in the rankings for 2015, though several have notably risen or fallen in reliability score. Along with shifts in rankings among the report’s regulars, there are a couple of newcomers making a splash in the tablet world this year. Read more »

RESCUECOM Releases New Computer Repair Report for 2015

photo rescuecom-computer-reliability-report.png

Recently, RESCUECOM has received numerous requests from various news outlets to bring back a report on the most common computer problems. In response, RESCUECOM is now introducing a new and improved version of our previous report on the top computer problems. These new quarterly RESCUECOM Computer Repair Reports will cover the top ten problems for which we receive computer repair calls, along with useful tips to avoid the need for future computer repair services. Read more »

Why You Should Care About Social Media Privacy (Part Two of Privacy Series)

 photo privacyThis is the second in a series of articles by RESCUECOM in which we discuss several important online privacy issues.  This article will indicate the privacy concerns surrounding social networking websites and provide advice on how to protect one’s privacy while using them. Read more »

What is a Video Card?

When purchasing a computer or looking to get computer repair, people often become overwhelmed with technical specifications they do not understand.  Unfortunately, video cards are one of the aspects of computer technology most commonly misunderstood by consumers when buying a computer or looking for repair.  Having a capable video card is very important to users who want to view and edit high definition video or play any sort of video games, two of the most common activities associated with personal computing.  Many parents, grandparents, siblings and friends have bought computers for their loved ones that were not useful because they did not understand what type of video card was necessary for their loved one’s activities.  Fortunately, RESCUECOM can provide help both in understanding what a video card is and in how to make sure you have one that’s best for your specific situation. Read more »

What is a Windows App?

When Microsoft released Windows 8 in 2012, it made many significant changes to how users interacted with the operating system when compared with previous versions of Windows.  One of the most significant changes that occurred was the addition of “Windows Apps”, which users launch from an entirely new interface, unrelated to common “desktop” interface with which most people have familiarity.  There is a lot of confusion over the nature of both Windows Apps and the “Modern” interface that users launch them from, even almost two years after the initial release of Windows 8.  Read more »

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