FitBit’s Newest Offering is More Advanced than Ever

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The Charge 2 is a Revolution in Fitness Tracking

Fitbit is perhaps the premier name in the fitness tracker category, and the company’s newest offering is not just more of the same. It has always been a very popular brand, as well as probably the largest of its kind, and it had a hit with the Charge HR. That model came out in 2015, however, so a new release from Fitbit has been a good while coming in a quickly evolving tech market, and the answer was the Fitbit Charge 2. The Charge HR remained the company’s top-seller for 18 months, however, so making a new version better was a necessity. While the Charge HR offered optical heart rate sensors and the ability to automatically recognize exercise activities, The Charge 2 aims to do all of this plus more, and for the same price.

The need for access to a company that can fix mobile devices should be obvious to anyone with a wearable, but on the whole they suffer fewer issues than phones or tablets. The Charge 2 is not fashionable by any means, but it does have a unique feature in allowing people to swap bands. Beyond the basics, it records your daily step count, stairs climbed, calories burned, distance traveled, heart rate, and sleep patterns. Like many, it connects to your smartphone for calls and calendar alerts and also has functions for recording workouts including running, walking, hiking, biking, and elliptical workouts. There’s even an interval mode in which the Charge 2 pulses to tell you when to stop and start an activity and will even record weight-lifting sessions.

The Charge 2 has a display four times larger than the typical fitness tracker on which you can enable a multi-sport mode: you simply tap on the display once for running, tap on it again for biking, and so on. It can connect to your phone’s GPS as well, so mobile device support for your phone will be a smart move if you want to connect it. Only the Charge 2 can give you a cardio fitness score. It uses a new feature called Cardio Fitness Score that uses your resting heart rate, some of your exercise data, and your profile information to assign a heart health score, and it adjusts according to age and gender as well as a Relax feature that guides you through deep breathing exercise. Combine all this with a user-friendly app, good price, and five days of battery live and you have a revolution in fitness tracking.


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