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RESCUECOM Releases 2015 Q1 Computer Repair Report

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RESCUECOM has tallied up all the computer repair calls it received, including tablets, for the 2015 Q1 Computer Repair Report, showing a surprising leap in certain problem areas.

The Computer Repair Report is created by tallying the data from all calls RESCUECOM receives at its 1-800-RESCUE-PC call center to form a list of the most common computer and tablet problems. RESCUECOM ranks the top ten computer repair problems in order from most frequent to least and explains them by category, creating a useful tool to inform users about the threats their tech devices face.

The 2015 Q1 Computer Repair Report rankings are as follows:

  1. Windows App Issues (34.6%)
  2. Viruses and Malware (18.6%)
  3. Sluggish Computer (14.6%)
  4. Internet Connection Problems (6.4%)
  5. Email Trouble (5.4%)
  6. Windows Operating System Install or Repair (5.2%)
  7. Hardware Installation (4.7%)
  8. Printer Connection (3.2%)
  9. (Tie) Boot Up Problems (2.4%)
  10. (Tie) Data recovery (2.4%)
  11. Mac App Issues (0.8%)

Software Problems

Windows app issues have become the most frequent problem for this quarter, a significant shift from the common issues in 2014. Not only did Windows app issues take the top place that Internet connection problems held in 2014, but RESCUECOM also received more calls regarding Windows app issues than the other two of the top three problems combined. Notably, similar Mac app issues were at the opposite end of the list, accounting for less than one percent of the total tech support calls RESCUECOM received.

Windows operating system install or repair marks the middle of the list with 5.2%. A Windows operating system install or repair may be necessary when the system becomes corrupt by shutting off during an update, or when a user cannot access the computer due to a forgotten password.

Internet Security Problems

One of the top problems RESCUECOM received calls for, viruses and malware are some of the most widespread and difficult issues. Virus removal is vital to keeping any tech device running properly because there are such a wide variety of Internet threats that can affect users’ devices in a multitude of ways.

Viruses and malware can not only corrupt your data or lock your computer; they can also often be the culprits behind many of the other issues from sluggish computer performance to Internet connection problems.

Hardware Problems

Just under 5% of the computer support calls RESCUECOM received this quarter involved hardware installation for PC, Mac, or tablets. Hardware installation includes adding or replacing any parts like power supplies, hard drives, or keyboards. For tablets and laptops, screen replacements are one of the more common needs.

Boot up problems are generally a result of faulty equipment, which can be any one of a number of parts. Lack of memory, insufficient power supply, bad video cards or corrupted hard drives could all prevent a computer from booting properly. Computer boot up problems come in a tie for ninth with 2.4%. While this call percentage may not be as high as some of the other issues, boot up problems can often be some of the most exasperating technology headaches.

Data recovery becomes necessary when a storage device is damaged or corrupted, and can be a long and tedious process. This process is also frequently necessary when a computer will not boot in order to prevent loss of important files when a user switches computers or damaged hard drives. Data recovery accounted for 2.4% of computer repair calls to RESCUECOM, tying computer boot up problems for ninth.  Regularly backing up data with cloud storage can help you avoid the need for data recovery or transfer and save a great deal of frustration.

Network Problems

Internet connection problems are one of the top five issues computer users have run into this quarter. Many things can cause Internet connection problems, from damaged wireless cards or Ethernet cables to firewall settings or improperly set up IP addresses. Sometimes the problem is not with the user’s computer at all, but could instead be a temporary service outage at the user’s Internet service provider. This happens more often than the Internet service providers like to admit.

Email trouble ranks fifth on the list of the most common computer repair problems with 5.4% of the total tech support calls to RESCUECOM. While user error or out-of-date software could can cause email trouble, it is more frequently a network problem. Often, an issue connecting to an email server, a bad IP address, or a firewall getting in the way causes email trouble.

Another common network problem is getting devices on the same network to talk to each other, especially printers. In fact, problems with a printer connection account for 3.2% of the computer repair calls to RESCUECOM this quarter. Printer connection issues often stem from similar sources as other network problems—bad cables, routers, or out-of-date software.


The computer repair rankings this quarter are full of maddening tech problems, but many of them are avoidable with the proper precaution. Users can mitigate most of the issues on the 2015 Q1 Computer Repair Report by installing high-quality Internet security and keeping all software up-to-date. While these steps will not prevent every problem, they are solid practices to keep in mind in order to keep your tech devices running smoothly.



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