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RESCUECOM Releases 2015 Q1 Computer Repair Report

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RESCUECOM has tallied up all the computer repair calls it received, including tablets, for the 2015 Q1 Computer Repair Report, showing a surprising leap in certain problem areas.

The Computer Repair Report is created by tallying the data from all calls RESCUECOM receives at its 1-800-RESCUE-PC call center to form a list of the most common computer and tablet problems. RESCUECOM ranks the top ten computer repair problems in order from most frequent to least and explains them by category, creating a useful tool to inform users about the threats their tech devices face.

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Skulpt CEO Jose Bohorquez Offers Fitness Device That Measures Muscle Quality

Fitness apps and devices have become a major category of tech product in the consumer world in recent years.  Everything from iPhone apps that provide special workouts to wristbands that measure your daily fitness statistics have flooded the market.  However, most of these devices specifically aim to help users with weight loss and cardio-based exercise.  Statistics regarding calories and conditioning are easier to track numerically, so this focus is not really a surprise for most.  However, cool person in technology and Skulpt CEO Jose Bohorquez is releasing a product that will help men and women not just interested in losing weight, but also gaining muscle.  Measuring muscle quality and body fat percentage is key for those who are trying to add muscle to an athletic frame rather than just keep excess weight off their bodies.  That’s why Skulpt Aim, Bohorquez’s product, provides users with statistics about their muscle quality specifically rather than focus on calories burned.  Read more »

Iceotope Uses Liquid Cooling Tech to Improve Servers

Most companies and individuals running servers for hosting purposes use air cooling systems to keep their servers’ temperature.  Overheating is a major problem and can lead to needing onsite computer repair services that are very costly.  Iceotope is a cool product that provides an alternative in inefficient air cooling systems for customers’ servers.  This cool product uses liquid cooling technology to cool servers so that it can maintain server systems more effectively.  With liquid cooling systems, servers are less likely to malfunction due to overheating.  It also takes less effort to maintain optimal temperatures in server rooms with Iceotope powering the cooling system for a server.  With Iceotope on the market, it’s hopeful that it will be easier to keep server temperatures under a reasonable amount of control. Read more »

Goldee Gives Users Intelligent Lighting in Their Homes

Cloud technology and wireless Internet have already given us the ability to do things like control our houses thermostat with our phones and perform remote tech support on computers thousands of miles away.  Every day it seems new ideas and products straight out of science fiction become reality.  Goldee is a cool product that may remind you of science fiction as well.  Goldee lets people control the lights in their household with their smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices.  Goldee makes light switches unnecessary and can automatically respond to someone’s movements through a house, adjusting the lighting accordingly.  If Goldee works as well as the company claims, worrying about leaving the lights on and managing their effect on the electricity bill become non-issues altogether.  With Goldee installed, people can adjust the lights in their home to match their specific habits.  The idea that your house can become smart enough to run on its own is that much closer to realization with this cool product on the market.  Read more »

Julien Salanave Founded Orée to Craft Electronics from Natural Materials

While companies release newer, more advanced consumer technology all the time with an ever-growing list of features, they make an overwhelmingly large amount of this tech out of plastic or cheap metal.  These cheaper components can lead to shorter lifespans for devices and accessories, no matter how advanced their features.  Cool person in technology Julien Salanave believes there is a better way to create technology products.  That’s why he founded Orée.  He wanted to build computer accessories that forgo the common metal and plastic material for a unique, eco-friendly feel.  Salanave’s company constructs all its products from wood and other natural materials.  This choice certainly distinguishes Orée’s line-up of computer accessories from the competition and makes them stand out among mass-market electronics. Read more »

The August Smart Lock Removes the Need for Physical Keys

Losing your keys is not a fun experience.  You end up locked out of your home and unless someone who lives with you has a spare key, you have to go to great expense and effort in order to enter your house or apartment again.  The August Smart Lock is a cool product that removes the risk of this happening to you.  The team at August claims that, with their product, the only thing needed to enter your home is your smartphone.  The device uses the combination of a mobile app and Bluetooth technology to recognize your phone when you approach and automatically unlock so you can enter as soon as you get to your door.  You can log into the app from any mobile device, so you won’t have to worry about problems if you change your phone.  However, it is probably best to make sure you have a smartphone computer support service available in case your phone breaks at an inopportune time.  Read more »

Scott N. Miller, CEO of Dragon Innovation, Wants to Help New Hardware Startups

Starting any company from scratch is difficult, but founding a hardware startup comes with its own unique set of challenges that make it especially difficult—manufacturing costs, distribution problems, and shipping concerns are just the most obvious of these.  That’s why cool person in technology Scott N. Miller runs Dragon Innovation to help new hardware startups ship their first products.  Miller has run Dragon Innovation for many years as a consultancy firm for hardware startups that need help due to inexperience with manufacturing physical products at scale.  However, recently Miller has taken his company in a slightly different direction to set itself apart from other firms.  Miller has added a crowdfunding aspect to Dragon Innovation’s business model and is utilizing this new trend to enable his firm’s clients to succeed.  Read more »

Mike Butera Wants to Push the Integration of Music and Technology with Artiphon

Historically, musical instrumentation and composition has always developed alongside technology.  The potential tools at a songwriter and performer’s disposal have always determined the music that people have written and performed.  With mobile technology now such a prominent part of social existence, how can it impact the development of music now?  Mike Butera and his company Artiphon believe they have a possible answer with his newly developed device—“the Instrument 1”. Butera claims that the Instrument 1 combines modern mobile and touch technologies with the form factor of a string instrument to create a new experience for composers and performers.  While many have played with the idea of integrating a smartphone into a musical instrument as a gimmick, Butera and his team have taken a more sophisticated and serious approach.  The Instrument 1 has professional grade components and a hardwood finish that make it clear Butera and Artiphon want this piece of tech taken seriously.  Read more »

A New Twist Backwards – Julie Uhrman

Are you one of those people who is gets frustrated when you go out to a restaurant and watch people at the surrounding tables diligently bent over their smartphone, communicating with anybody and everybody except the people across the table from them?  Julie Uhrman had similar frustration with gamers huddled alone over a smartphone instead of sprawled out together in front of a large monitor screen.  Julie remembers the good ole days when she and her sister came together to play video games around a TV set. Read more »

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