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RESCUECOM Releases New Computer Repair Report for 2015

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Recently, RESCUECOM has received numerous requests from various news outlets to bring back a report on the most common computer problems. In response, RESCUECOM is now introducing a new and improved version of our previous report on the top computer problems. These new quarterly RESCUECOM Computer Repair Reports will cover the top ten problems for which we receive computer repair calls, along with useful tips to avoid the need for future computer repair services.

This inaugural Computer Repair Report covers the most frequent difficulties experienced with computers, tablets, mobile and other tech devices throughout 2014.  The top three most common computer repair problems are:

  1. Trouble getting on the Internet is the most common tech issue.
  2. Viruses are widespread problems causing a variety of headaches for computer users.
  3. Speed problems with PC’s, Macs, tablets, smartphones, and other devices can make devices difficult or impossible to use.

The most frequent problems people run into with their technology have to do with their Internet connection and networking. Connection or networking problems make up over a quarter of all of the computer repair calls RESCUECOM received for the year of 2014. These issues can include anything from a faulty router or modem to damaged wireless cards in laptops or trouble connecting devices together.

Viruses account for another significant share of the problems users often experience with their technology. If not immediately detected and prevented with good Internet security software, viruses will infiltrate plagued devices long before detection and could compromise data and even a user’s identity.  Many believe virus infections are limited to the Windows PC operating system. Now, with the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and Macs on the market, opportunistic hackers—many from Russia—are taking advantage of the new, mostly unprotected platforms to execute their crimes. The infections show up in different incarnations of Internet threats including viruses, malware, spyware, or pop-ups and adware. Service calls for virus removal account for just under a fifth of the total number of service calls Rescuecom received in 2014.

Although Viruses come in at the number two spot on this report, it is worth noting that quite often viruses will cause other computer repair problems. Frequently, viruses are the main contributing factor to slow or sluggish technology performance and can cause problems connecting to the Internet or specific desired websites properly. For this reason, Internet security is always important to keep in mind when online. Proper prevention methods can save headaches later and keep your computer running quickly and properly.

The complete list of Computer Repair Report rankings is as follows:

  1. Internet Connection Problems (27.7%)
  2. Viruses (19.3%)
  3. Slow Computer (16.4%)
  4. Computer and Tablet Hardware (8.1%)
  5. Computer Startup Problems (7.3%)
  6. Trouble with Email (6%)
  7. Data Transfer or Recovery (4%)
  8. Printer Setup or Troubleshooting (4%)
  9. Windows OS Troubleshooting (3.9%)
  10. Application Troubleshooting (1.8%)
  11.  User-caused Problems (1.4%)

Placing fourth and fifth are two problems that frequently go hand-in-hand: hardware problems in and issues starting the computer or device properly. While hardware issues can include anything from faulty keys on a keyboard to broken motherboards and video cards, several problems with users’ hardware can lead to difficulty starting their machines. Common culprits preventing your computer or device from starting properly include damaged hard drives, memory cards, malfunctioning power, and loose connectors or cables.

Six percent of computer repair service calls are for email troubles. Users often rely on their email for everything from communicating and planning with friends and family to managing a business, and issues with an email account can cause significant setbacks. To prevent these hindrances, make sure to use email accounts and passwords you will remember. You can also use two-factor authentication as an extra safety net for your email. This is when you use something in addition to your password to verify that you are the only one trying to access your account and allows an option to recover a lost password, commonly done through mobile phones when it comes to email. Additionally, several email services provide useful tips and guides when you first set up an account that can help you learn to use the various features properly.

Coming in a tie for seventh, data transfer or recovery and printer problems both account for four percent (each) of the total calls RESCUECOM received in 2014. While these computer repair service calls are slightly less common than the top computer repair problems, they can still be extremely significant. Companies rely on their printers for day-to-day business as well as vital tasks like printing paychecks for employees, and such problems cannot wait. As for data recovery, many of us store our lives on our tech devices. Some of our data is priceless, including pictures and other media of children or family members no longer around. While computer repair calls to recover these lost personal treasures are the most gut wrenching, they are perhaps the most preventable, since most operating systems include free cloud backup services.

Issues with Windows operating system (OS) and trouble installing or using applications come in towards the bottom of the computer repair list. These problems can include initial installation and setup, but also frequently involve troubleshooting by repairing corrupted files or updating drivers. Users can often avoid these frustrating situations by keeping their apps and OS up-to-date and performing regular clean-ups on their devices. Simply turning on automatic updates can solve a large percentage of these issues.

Bringing up the tail end of the rankings is a variety of user-caused problems. Although many computer technicians believe user error accounts for most computer troubles, RESCUECOM only defines issues where a user is directly responsible as a user-caused problem.  One of the more frequent user caused computer repair problem is a forgotten password. Often, users change a password on their computer or an email account and need assistance resetting it to access their accounts properly. Another common user caused computer repair problem is physical or water damage, such as dropping a phone in the toilet, spilling a drink on a computer, or dropping a laptop or phone on the ground.

A wide variety of things can go wrong with computers and tech devices. You can avoid many common issues by practicing safe browsing habits and having reliable Internet security, but not all problems are avoidable. RESCUECOM’s Computer Repair Reports will help you be aware of what to look out for and help prepare you for even the most difficult problems with your technology.


RESCUECOM provides comprehensive computer repair and support services, including tech support for all hardware and software, business technology services, data recovery and virus removal.  RESCUECOM Certified Level-3 technicians provide immediate computer support through our patented iProtector® and SYSTEM ONE® software at the click of a button. To learn more about RESCUECOM’s products and services visit or call 1-800-RESCUE-PC (1-800-737-2837).

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  1. This is a useful article to help those in the industry like us help people deal with computer issues. Your article hits the nail on the head. There are a number of unwanted things on computer and some of them are dangerous to your computer. So proper repair should be there. Many thanks for bringing this to light so well.

  2. Thank you for the response! Stay tuned for a new computer repair report every quarter of the year.

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