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JBL Speakers Enhance Your iPod’s Sound With The OnTime Micro!

Given how very many companies now make docking stations for Apple mobile computing devices, it is fascinating to see how they try to differentiate their products from one another.  There is some irony in the fact that some of the most prominent brands to not capitalize on the most impressive aspect of their docking station.  Take, for example, the JBL OnTime Micro.  JBL’s main advertising campaign for the docking station focuses on the fact that is has an alarm clock built into it!  The JBL OnTime Micro is so much more than a glorified alarm clock, though.


The OnTime Micro from JBL is a loudspeaker dock and an alarm clock that allows you to wake up to musical selections from your iPod or iPhone as opposed to an annoying buzzing sound.  The half-sphere docking station is designed to interface with Apple iPod or iPhones and is compatible with at least nineteen models, including the iPhone 4GS and the latest iPod Touch models.  Because of the size of the interface slot, the JBL OnTime Micro cannot accommodate iPads, though smaller iPod units do connect with the docking station just fine.


The JBL OnTime Micro has powerful stereo speakers with less than 5,000 Ohms impedance, to bring you the clearest possible sound from your iPod.  With its Phoenix SE 1 ¾” transducers, the JBL OnTime Micro projects your music, phone conversations, or soundtrack from streaming videos with a vivid quality that is a dramatic step-up in quality compared to the earbuds Apple provides with the iPod.  When playing your music at anything less than 80 decibels, you will experience virtually no noise when using the JBL OnTime Micro, thanks to its advanced filters.  That means that when you wake up to your JBL OnTime Micro playing your music, you may enjoy waking up to music, not static or other distortion.


As an added bonus, the JBL OnTime Micro has an IR remote control.  As you lie in bed or get ready for your day, you may use the remote to skip tracks, adjust the volume or access other simple functions on your iPhone while it is connected to the JBL OnTime Micro.  The JBL OnTime Micro plugs into a standard wall socket and has a battery back-up, in case your power goes out.  So long as you have 3 AAA batteries in the base of the JBL OnTime Micro, you may be assured that the alarm clock function of the device works regardless of disruptions to your home’s power supply.


Easy to use and giving you more options and vastly better sound quality than a simple alarm clock, the JBL OnTime Micro may allow you to replace your small stereo system.



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