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Wake Up To Your iPod’s Music With The Luna Voyager II!

It is easy to suspect that the more popular digital music becomes, the more people will load up their MP3 players and discover that they have created pretty massive collections of music.  As people come to the realization that they have spent a lot of money on digital music, one suspects they will want to continue going through their musical library more and more.  When you do that, you are equally likely to enjoy all that you have accumulated and eliminate mediocre tracks from your collection before refilling your MP3 player.  Given that there are only so many hours in the day to enjoy these massive music libraries, accessories that allow you to play music you know and love where traditionally you have had a radio are becoming more and more popular.  For those who have Apple iPods, the XtremeMac Luna Voyager II Alarm Clock Radio is becoming an increasingly popular device for exactly that reason!

The Luna Voyager II Alarm Clock Radio is part of XtremeMac’s, an imprint of Imation, extensive line of accessories and docking stations for iPods and other Apple products.  The Luna Voyager II acts as a docking station for the Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad!  XtremeMac was foresighted enough to create a full channel that accommodates the bottom of an iPad and is deep enough to support Apple’s tablet computer when it is pressed into the docking port.

What makes the Luna Voyager II Alarm Clock Radio so cool is that it provides you with unparalleled flexibility for an alarm clock and a docking station.  By downloading XtremeMac’s special app, you can easily set all of the alarm clock’s functions using your iPod, iPad or iPhone.  If you are low-tech, there are physical buttons that allow you to set the time and alarm on the clock as well.  As an alarm clock, the Luna Voyager II plays whatever track you select at the predetermined time of your choosing!  This allows you to wake up to music you like instead of a random song, or worse: static!  Should the power go out, the Luna Voyager II Alarm Clock Radio may activate through you Apple mobile device, ensuring you wake up.

As a docking station, XtremeMac’s Luna Voyager II helps you hear the full range and depth of your MP3 files.  Instead of having to use earbuds, the Luna Voyager II projects the sound through whatever room you are in.  Your iPod, iPhone and iPad controls regulate the volume and tracks, but the speakers on the Luna Voyager II give you high-quality sound projection allowing you to enjoy your digital music the way the artists intended!

For optimal sound quality and all the practicality of a digital alarm clock, the Luna Voyager II Alarm Clock Radio from XtremeMac delivers!


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