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Stone Mouse, Bamboo Mouse: Now Your Computer Area Can Look Primitive!

Computers are ubiquitous items in United States society today.  As much as the millions who bought the Apple iPod might want to believe they are being counterculture, defiant against big business and otherwise cool, they have bought into one of the most popular product lines in history.  In other words, if you own an iPod, you are more a part of the majority than you might realize.  It is not your fault; so much modern technology is geared around instant recognition, as opposed to a sense of uniqueness.  There are no computer-oriented devices that are more homogenized and less customized than the computer’s keyboard and mouse.

But now, you can change that, thanks to artist Tom Gerhardt and the Japanese company, Evergreen.  Evergreen makes a bamboo mouse.  Tom Gerhardt has pioneered a device that can make any rock into a fully functional mouse.

Evergreen’s bamboo mouse fits perfectly into any environment dominated by light wood or lighter earth tones.  Each bamboo mouse is an optical mouse with scroll wheel.  It is a corded mouse, so those looking for wireless cannot yet enjoy the style of this mouse.  But Evergreen makes the minimal clutter of a cable cool by presenting a mouse made of smooth, polished bamboo panels.  Curved to fit your hand the bamboo mouse is solid and durable, as well as stylish.  Because the two mouse buttons are made of thinner, flexible bamboo over a minimal slit, the bamboo mouse actually is easier to keep clean than most traditional plastic mice!

For those who have more of a stone theme to their work space, Tom Gerhardt has the answer.  Gerhardt has pioneered a mouse ring, upon which one may place any medium sized rock.  The rock, when placed upon the ring, becomes a functional mouse!  Simple pressing the rock at the top left or top right performs the function of a left or right click!  This amazing technology makes any rock into a computer mouse, so if you have a favorite rock, one you want to feel connected with for the long hours you find yourself working at your computer, this is an ideal option.  Or, if you like the idea of changing your style up frequently, Tom Gerhardt’s stone mouse can allow you to shake it up frequently.  You could have a different rock as a mouse each day!

Since the rise of the personal computer, style concerning computers has frequently focused on modernizing one’s workspace to match the new computer.  Tom Gerhardt and Evergreen seem to realize that some homes are complete and amazing as they are.  Through their mice, we can start reclaiming a more natural sense of style that matches a warmer environment than the mass-produced computer companies would have us accept.


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