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Bringing Information Technology To Walgreens And Computers To The World, Millie Liggins Is An Accomplished Professional!

More often than not, when the mainstream media discusses the tech sector and the businesspeople within it, they convey information about executives who make hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars each year.  There is another side to the tech sector, though, and that is the charitable side.  There are many executives in the tech sector who, upon seeing the profound influence technology may have on one’s quality of life, become inspired to spread technology to the underprivileged.  Millie Liggins has seen just how great IT can improve a company and in her spare time, the works to spread technology through the World Computer Exchange! Read more »

Now At The Head Of IBM, Virginia Rometty Is A Force To Be Reckoned With!

The dream story of the American worker is one where an individual with an aptitude for a skill can find work at a big company to earn a living.  Over years, with hard work and additional training/education, the dream of the worker is to someday take over management of the company they started at.  That dream comes true with increasingly less frequency as competition, mergers, and radical shifts in the marketplace have companies rising and falling faster than ever.  But one of the great success stories for the American dream came true recently when Virginia Rometty took the reins at IBM! Read more »

Much More Than A Sale’s Site, Is A Social Network For Style!

Social networking is, truly, one of the benefits of the Internet that were not entirely conceived when the World Wide Web was first being conceived as a communications tool.  The reality, however, is that human beings are social animals and Internet social networking allows people to connect in ways they never were able to before.  The result is that the Internet is now home to massive social networks like Facebook, Myspace, and Google+, and obscure, theme-based social networks like the artist community Elftown.  What is fascinating to see is how sites that begin as one type of website, like a sale’s site, can quickly turn into a social networking hub.  That is what happened with Read more »

From Running To Running Ergotron’s Human Resource Department, Diane M. Kaufman Is A Winner!

People are the lifeblood of every business.  You can have a great idea and a business model, but without a dedicated staff that is working to achieve the goals and vision you lay out, your business venture or company will not amount to anything more than a dream.  That is why, as a company grows, the head of Human Resources becomes increasingly important.  Whoever is in charge of Human Resources for your company needs to be able to make judgments both about applicants and the corporate culture of your business.  That level of discrimination and judgment is part of what makes Diane M. Kaufman so good at her job. Read more »

Change The Way You Interact With Your Computer With The OCZ NIA!

Sometimes, it takes time for people to realize just how cool an idea or device actually is.  When Dr. Michael Schuette developed the Neural Impulse Actuator for OCZ Technologies, he thought he was taking the first step toward thought-activated and thought-controlled computers.  Schuette was introducing consumers to the first logical step toward a new way of controlling computers, but the commercial release of the OCZ NIA focused on gaming.  Unfortunately for Schuette, OCZ and those who wanted to see radical technological improvement, OCZ Technologies released the NIA right when the video game market took an especially drastic hit due to the worldwide economic downturn.  Recently, though, consumers are discovering and rediscovering the incredibly cool OCZ NIA. Read more »

RIM Is Making Inexpensive Smartphones Vital In India!

There are, essentially, two ways to sell new technologies in a new market.  The first is to create a device that is entirely indispensible.  Creating a product that consumers feel they absolutely need is a great way to sell millions of units of a product.  The other way to sell new technologies in an emerging market is to reduce prices to move inventory.  It is that approach that Research In Motion is taking in India. Read more »

So It Begins: Technology Starts To Backslide To Sociology In Shopping!

As online shopping has become more and more popular, there has remained a vocal minority of analysts who claim the movement is little more than a fad.  So far, Internet shopping trends have illustrated well that consumers are willing to wait for their merchandise in order to get it less expensively.  Consumers have also latched onto online companies like eBay and Amazon because their vast selection has no real-world equivalent in the marketplace.  But outside cranky brick and mortar retail store owners and conservative commentators who fear change, there has been a consistent voice arguing that online shopping is not likely to endure.  That voice has come from sociologists and the first real proof of their theories comes with a new deal reached by Nordstrom’s department stores and online retailer Bonobos. Read more »

For Apple, Success May Be Contradictory To Sustained Success

Apple Computers is now the largest, most cash-rich company on Earth.  While hitting that apex is usually a cause for celebration – and Apple executives and stockholders have been celebrating, most notably by announcing a stock dividend – those who take a longer view of the company’s trajectory see the milestone as a potentially troublesome one for the company.  For sure, when you reach the top the only way to go is down, but the real problem Apple faces is not with pessimists; it is with the company’s own image.  Unfortunately for Apple Computers, Apple’s exceptionally successful publicity machine that helped the company rise to the top of the corporate food chain is now working against the computer and technology company. Read more »

The Artist Who Is Changing The World Through Design: Yves Behar!

Artists and designers, as a general rule, want to make an impact on the world around them.  Artists try to open the eyes and minds of their audience to a new way to see the world.  Designers try to reshape the world by pushing the limits of convention or creating styles that intrigue consumers in a way that resonates with all who experience their designs.  There are, arguably, no more effective artist/designers in the world today than Yves Behar.  Behar is not simply trying to change the world in an abstract way; he is using technology. Read more »

One Powerful Operations Officer, Debora Shoquist Is Very Cool!

Running a business is, joke intended, a full-time job.  The bigger the business, the more complicated it is to maintain and grow the business.  Big companies are not the place for micromanagers; all of the great executives have a staff that they depend upon to deal with specialized divisions of their company.  Arguably one of the most important roles a CEO can fill is that of an Operations Officer.  Executives in charge of Operations are the professionals who ensure that the supply chain is uninterrupted, the facilities are fully functional and products in production are shipping according to schedule.  For the computer memory manufacturer Nvidia, the Executive Vice President of Operations is Debora Shoquist. Read more »

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