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Bringing Information Technology To Walgreens And Computers To The World, Millie Liggins Is An Accomplished Professional!

More often than not, when the mainstream media discusses the tech sector and the businesspeople within it, they convey information about executives who make hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars each year.  There is another side to the tech sector, though, and that is the charitable side.  There are many executives in the tech sector who, upon seeing the profound influence technology may have on one’s quality of life, become inspired to spread technology to the underprivileged.  Millie Liggins has seen just how great IT can improve a company and in her spare time, the works to spread technology through the World Computer Exchange!


The World Computer Exchange is a charity that raises money and collects technology to send computers to impoverished nations around the world.  In addition to supplying technology, the WCE has volunteers who teach the recipients how to use their new computers.  Millie Liggins is a Director of the World Computer Exchange and a very active member of the charity.  Millie Liggins knows quite a bit about designing and executing projects within the tech sector and her knowledge and experience have been invaluable in guiding and executing the mission of the World Computer Exchange.


Millie Liggins has a great deal of experience with organizing IT projects; she serves as the Information Technology Lead for Walgreens.  Working at the corporate headquarters in Chicago, Millie Liggins oversees the IT teams that create the infrastructure for Walgreens!  Liggins is responsible for designing and developing databases that meet the needs of each IT project at the company. For the last six and a half years, she has effectively reorganized the information infrastructure to increase efficiency and create more useful channels between outside businesses and Walgreens management.


A lifelong employee (so far) of Walgreens, Millie Liggins got her start with the company in 1996 when she took a position in the Walgreens Data Center as an Operations Supervisor.  In addition to giving her great experience with information technology, Millie Liggins illustrated her management and supervisory acumen by leading and supervising the team of eighteen IT specialists.  In September of 2002, she was promoted to the Data Center Operations Manager.  Over the next four years, she was responsible for coordinating all computer operations and activities across the company’s intranet as well as the Internet.


Even as she rose up the ladder at Walgreens, Millie Liggins was applying her tech savvy to charity work.  In addition to winning awards for her community service work, most notably through Chicago chapter of the BPDA, Millie Liggins eagerly became a director of the World Computer Exchange.  In 2011, Millie Liggins was awarded the Epsilon Award For Community Service recognizing her impact as an individual in the tech sector who also has made an impact through volunteer and charity work. 


Between her knowledge of IT and her community service work bringing technology to the disenfranchised, Millie Liggins is very cool.



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