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Much More Than A Sale’s Site, Is A Social Network For Style!

Social networking is, truly, one of the benefits of the Internet that were not entirely conceived when the World Wide Web was first being conceived as a communications tool.  The reality, however, is that human beings are social animals and Internet social networking allows people to connect in ways they never were able to before.  The result is that the Internet is now home to massive social networks like Facebook, Myspace, and Google+, and obscure, theme-based social networks like the artist community Elftown.  What is fascinating to see is how sites that begin as one type of website, like a sale’s site, can quickly turn into a social networking hub.  That is what happened with was established by Kristin Hunziker and Joe Croft to sell their line of designer fashion diaper bags.  But what started as a simple on-line store has since evolved into a robust website where stylish parents may network, share stories about the product, and attend events focused on Ju-Ju-Be accessories.  Those events are not simply sales events, either.  Just as Saturn cars used to do a customer appreciation picnic each year (along with other, local events), highlights events that encourage networking, fun, and social responsibility/charity!

A nice aspect of is that you do not have to register to get all of its content!  While the site does share some information and do additional networking on their Facebook page, is a stylish and rich site on its own.  The product sales aspect of is, predictably, devoted to sharing information about new-to-market products.  As Ju-Ju-Be’s are marketed toward young, hip, fashion-oriented parents, the company releases new products with every season. often includes exclusive products, offers, and information about forthcoming product releases.  It is a photographically-rich site and because their product lines are almost constantly changing, even the sales part of is remarkably dynamic.

To make a more relevant and dynamic site, it includes a blog.  Updated almost daily, the blog showcases the retailers who sell Ju-Ju-Be products, customers who use the bags, and staff members, in addition to tips, sightings and current deals pertaining to the product line.  More than simply generating product enthusiasm, has effectively created a whole subculture around the fashion bags they produce! has very active social networking via message boards, called The Pink Room.  More than a customer service tool, The Pink Room is an area that Ju-Ju-Be uses to foster the culture of their designer bags.  With sections on care, bag swapping, meeting up with other parents and general parenting discussions, The Pink Room is an incredibly active message board that encourages real social networking.

Far more versatile than the sales site it began as, is a great place for women of style to connect.


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