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Change The Way You Interact With Your Computer With The OCZ NIA!

Sometimes, it takes time for people to realize just how cool an idea or device actually is.  When Dr. Michael Schuette developed the Neural Impulse Actuator for OCZ Technologies, he thought he was taking the first step toward thought-activated and thought-controlled computers.  Schuette was introducing consumers to the first logical step toward a new way of controlling computers, but the commercial release of the OCZ NIA focused on gaming.  Unfortunately for Schuette, OCZ and those who wanted to see radical technological improvement, OCZ Technologies released the NIA right when the video game market took an especially drastic hit due to the worldwide economic downturn.  Recently, though, consumers are discovering and rediscovering the incredibly cool OCZ NIA.

The OCZ NIA is a game controller that allows you to play video games using only the Neural Impulse Actuator and your own brain!  Freeing up your hands, the NIA is an interface device for almost any form of computer interaction, not just game play.  If you have complicated presentations that could be enhanced by sophisticated interactions with computers, the NIA may help with that as well.  The OCZ NIA replaces a computer mouse as well as virtually any game controller!

Out of the box, the OCZ NIA is a simple black headband with a USB cable attached to it.  The headband slips over your head and the three diamond-shaped leads at the front connect directly to the skin on your forehead.  When you connect the OCZ NIA to your computer, it replaces a game controller and/or mouse as an interface device.  The OCZ NIA requires a computer running Windows 7, Vista or XP with a 1 GHz CPU.  Because the NIA correlates exceptional amounts of input data, it will not function on a computer with less than a gigabyte of RAM.

When activated, you must calibrate the OCZ NIA.  For that, the NIA comes with software that calibrates the device and trains you to use it.  Using Brainfingers Technology, the NIA reads your brainwaves.  The OCZ NIA is sophisticated enough to read and differentiate between your brain waves, retina movements and muscle impulses.  The headband and software correlate all of those readings in order to allow you to manipulate controllers on-screen and characters in games.  While wearing the NIA, you need only look at the file you wish to open and envision clicking on it and your cursor on screen will do what you want!

The OCZ NIA is exceptional when applied in games, like Harry Potter Quiddich.  Because your hands are free, your body movements and the intensity of your thoughts guide you.  This provides a much more immersive video game experience than playing with either a keyboard or a mouse.  When properly calibrated, the NIA takes your gameplay to the next level!

Because computer manufacturers and software designers are creating increasingly sophisticated computers and programs, consumers need a new form of interface device to make computer usage engaging again.  The OCZ NIA is the interface device that is finally reaching its market and is opening the door to an entirely new world of engaging computer interactions!


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