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Hasbro And Apple Team Up For The ZAPPed Games!

Hasbro is planning a busy 2012. First, there is the partnership with Zynga, which emulates the Mattel-Angry Birds collaboration. The toy company will be able to bring online games to the real world as well as making toys and accessories based on popular Facebook games like Farmville and Mafia Wars. Now, Hasbro has announced that it is updating some of its classic board games.

Specifically, the updated games will be Monopoly, The Game of Life, and Battleship. These three games will be getting a technical update and an iPad app to go along with the board game. The apps will have different functions for each game, but they will be essential to the game play for the zAPPed versions of each of these three games.

The zAPPed Monopoly game is getting rid of the paper money. Instead, players will have new debit cards to use with the app. The iPad app will keep track of all players’ account balances and update the balances based on game play through a simple tap of the cards to the iPad, using Near Field Communications technology. The app allows players to view each other’s bank accounts as well as their own, taking some of the guesswork out of knowing who is winning. The other major update for this version of Monopoly is the mini-games that can get players out of jail free instead of the old standard of rolling doubles on the dice.

The Game of Life zAPPed version will include video clips from America’s Funniest Videos for each stage of life players enter. It will not be replacing the paper money, but will allow bonuses on paydays through mini-games. The most noticeable feature of the zAPPed Game of Life is the removal of the plastic spinner. Instead, the spinner is now digital, on the iPad app. At least players no longer have to worry about someone spinning too hard and breaking the spinner.

Battleship seems to be the most affected by the zAPPed version. Players must place the pieces directly on the iPad and the app will keep track of where they are and where they move. The app will also play video clips and sound effects when a player destroys an opponent’s ship. Be careful that you do not lose the pieces, as you cannot substitute older pieces for lost ones because of the new special design.

This new twist on old games is possible because of a new partnership between Hasbro and Volumique, a French technologies company. Hasbro seems to have the right idea for staying current in today’s gaming market – bring the customers what they want. The consumers want Zynga and they want electronic games, so that is exactly what Hasbro is providing this year.


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