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From Running To Running Ergotron’s Human Resource Department, Diane M. Kaufman Is A Winner!

People are the lifeblood of every business.  You can have a great idea and a business model, but without a dedicated staff that is working to achieve the goals and vision you lay out, your business venture or company will not amount to anything more than a dream.  That is why, as a company grows, the head of Human Resources becomes increasingly important.  Whoever is in charge of Human Resources for your company needs to be able to make judgments both about applicants and the corporate culture of your business.  That level of discrimination and judgment is part of what makes Diane M. Kaufman so good at her job.

Diane M. Kaufman is the Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources at Ergotron.  She has served Ergotron in that capacity since 2004 and her tenure with the company has been marked by positive changes.  Under Diane M. Kaufman’s direction, Ergotron has reduced employee turnover 16%!  Programs Kaufman has instituted have made it easier to do her job of keeping Ergotron staffed, as well: the company now hires exclusively on referrals from current employees.  This had led to greater stability at Ergotron, as well as an enhanced sense of community among the workers there.

A surprisingly good fit for the human resources field, Diane M. Kaufman attended the University of Minnesota on a track and field scholarship.  Setting aside her competitive nature, Kaufman discovered a real passion for understanding and interacting with people.  Diane M. Kaufman earned her B.A. in Speech Communication from the University of Minnesota, with a minor in social psychology.  Her minor actually helped her a great deal as she entered the workforce.

Diane M. Kaufman almost immediately began working as a human resources specialist.  She capitalized on her understanding of psychology and, fresh out of college, she became a real asset to companies that were looking to staff up.  Well before she arrived at Ergotron, Kaufman became an expert in People Mapping, a program that streamlines hiring and employee evaluations.

In addition to her impressive work at Ergotron, Diane M. Kaufman is actively engaged in charity work and gardening.  Diane M. Kaufman is able to recognize a well-rounded potential employee because she efficiently manages so many projects and interests herself!


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