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Amazon Prime Streaming Service Just Keeps Getting Cooler!

2011 saw some real changes in the world on online video streaming.  As the Cloud rose to prominence thanks to Apple and it advertising juggernaut, some of the traditional leaders in home media found themselves in drastically new positions.  Netflix, for example, was quick to reinvent itself as a digital streaming company, but in the process of price hikes and trying to distance themselves from their DVD subscribers, the company had a much more erratic year than many in the industry thought they would.  With Netflix faltering, was able to make significant strides in the digital video streaming market. now has a service called Amazon Prime that allows members to stream unlimited videos and receive free two-day shipping on all orders, for only $79 for a year.  Amazon Prime’s video streaming service is now a very cool way to get your movies and television programs on your computer.

Previously, Amazon Prime’s streaming service was only convenient if you wanted the benefit of the faster shipping for free. That is beginning to change because Amazon has started to acquire more partners in the television industry. Amazon recently made a licensing deal with Viacom, which joins a growing list of other television networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, Disney, and Warner Bros. with which Amazon has a relationship.  With so many popular television shows available for streaming, Amazon Prime is becoming more than just a convenient shopping service with a good shipping option.

Viacom owns the Nickelodeon, BET, Comedy Central, and MTV television channels. Popular shows from each of those channels will now be available on Amazon Prime, bringing the total videos available to over 15,000. In addition to the great selection of television shows available on Amazon Prime, there are also hundreds of well-known movies.

Netflix still has a larger library of streaming videos available to customers than Amazon. What draws in customers to Amazon, however, is Amazon’s cheaper price and added features. Users who frequently buy products on Amazon and want to take advantage of the free shipping with Amazon Prime may decide that the currently lower selection of Amazon Prime videos is tolerable because they get them free with their Amazon Prime subscription.

With an ever-growing inventory and a dedication to keeping competitive, Amazon Prime’s streaming service is undeniably cool.


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