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Augment Your Drive With The Jabra Freeway Hands Free Speaker System

As more states crack down on texting while driving and the usage of smartphones while driving, innovative companies continue to make it easier to enjoy most of the essential functions of your smartphone as a hands free device.  Companies like are ahead of the curve, creating intriguing, fun, and useful hands free devices before the law mandates that drivers must have them.  In states where hands free laws are going into effect, Jabra may have an advantage as users who enjoy their products are readily recommending them to their friends even before the laws change.  One of the most lauded Jabra products with the Jabra Freeway. Read more »

Get The Most Out Of Your Tablet, Without Getting A Ticket, With The Arkon Universal Tablet Car Mount!

You should not attempt to operate your smartphone or tablet computer while driving.  In many states in the United States, legislators are proposing and passing more rigid guidelines pertaining to using a smartphone or texting while driving.  However, because the most aggressive bills proposed to limit smartphone usage in automobiles would also affect the use of radios or dashboard c.d. players, the odds are very good that hands free laws are ones most likely to continue being written and passed.  Thus, anything you can do to make your mobile computing device truly hands free is a good idea.  For those who prefer tablet computers to smartphones, one of the very best options is the Arkon Universal Tablet Car Mount 18” Seat Rail or Floor Mount. Read more »

Make Your Own Secure Security Network With The Uniden Guardian Wireless Video Surveillance System!

As more and more people get cooler and more expensive home electronics devices, it is hard not to feel insecure leaving home.  While the obvious solution would be to get a security system, the media portrays home security systems as drastically ineffective.  In fact, most people would be hard pressed not to be able to recall a time when they watched a movie or television program and a security system was compromised by cutting the wires from the cameras to the monitors.  One of the obvious, real-world, solutions to that problem is to assemble a security system that does not have wires that can be cut.  For that, you might want the Uniden Guardian Wireless Video Surveillance System. Read more »

Amazon Competes For The Best Holiday Gift (Again) With The (New) Kindle Fire!

For the Holiday Season, 2011, one of the hottest gifts on the market was the Amazon Kindle Fire.  Amazon released the right product, at the right time, to compete against Apple’s iPad and the Barnes & Noble Nook line.  Moving out of the pure e-reader market, Amazon moved closer to a full tablet computer with the Kindle Fire e-reader.  Their gambit (and marketing) paid off: the Amazon Kindle was one of the most-bought, most-desired electronic devices of the fourth Quarter, 2011. Read more »

For The Serious Digital Artist, The Wacom Bamboo Create Works!

Despite what the big computer companies might want you to believe, the tablet computer is not a new idea.  In fact, before tablet computers achieved popularity with the breakout of the iPad, there was the computer tablet!  Less a full computer system like a tablet computer, computer tablets are essentially a peripheral, an input device used by visual artists to create artwork on the computer.  Despite the rise of tablet computers, computer tablets remain very popular with digital artists.  One of the most impressive computer tablets is the Wacom Bamboo Create. Read more »

The First Woman Of Google, Marissa Mayer Is Very Cool!

It should not be of any real significance when one of the earliest employees for a company happens to be a woman.  However, in the tech sector – especially with Internet start-ups – there are remarkably few women working or achieving positions of real prominence.  So, it is somewhat unsurprising that of the first twenty employees Google had when it was incorporated, only one was a woman.  That woman was Marissa Mayer! Read more »

It’s Official! The Microsoft Surface Is Set To Launch!

The tech sector – and business interests who do not want to see the world dominated by Apple Computers’ products – is abuzz with renewed enthusiasm over tablet computers.  Out of the tablet computer manufacturing business for the boom time of the device, Microsoft is once again producing tablet computers!  Intended to compete head-to-head with the Apple iPad, Microsoft’s new tablet computer will arrive in the marketplace later in 2012.  It called the Microsoft Surface.  Read more »

Rumors Of Google’s New Product Lines Abound In Advance Of The I/O Conference!

It is developer’s conference time!  Following on the heels of Apple’s Developer’s Conference and the All Things D D10 Conference, where guests from all across the tech sector and media spoke, Google’s annual I/O Conference will start on June 27 in San Francisco, California.  The three day conference is sold-out and is expected to include a slew of new product releases that should reach the marketplace by the end of the year.  Rumored products being announced at the I/O Conference this year include: Read more »

Will Tablets And Smartphones Make The Next Generation More Greedy?

Despite what all of the major computer and smartphone manufacturers might want you to believe about their products, there is one of the bestselling computer products in the world that they do not manufacture.  The computer device that is facing almost no competition from any of the major manufacturers is the LeapPad.  The LeapPad is an educational tool that LeapFrog designed to look like a tablet computer, but is programmed exclusively with educational software for children from ages 3 – 9.  This is a noble idea, but it is hard for educators not to be wary of it. Read more »

Return Of The Mac . . . er, Microsoft, Tablet Computer!

Earlier this year, earnings reports from 2011 revealed that Apple had become the world’s most profitable company.  Exceeding the profits from Exxon-Mobile, Apple Computers reached the zenith of both the tech sector and the business world.  Ever since, every major player in the tech industry has worked to chip away at the exceptional market dominance Apple possesses in almost every niche in which it competes.  While some manufacturers hope to sue Apple out of the number one spot, others are simply offering Apple more competition.  Part of Microsoft’s strategy is to more directly compete with Apple products in markets it had ceded.  With that, Microsoft is re-entering the tablet computer market! Read more »

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