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Gelaskins Make Your Tablet Computer Unique!

As tablet computers become more of a ubiquitous product in the United States and around the world, it becomes easier for mistakes and mix-ups to occur.  After all, when all iPads look the same, it is easy to pick up the wrong one in a social situation.  Nothing can make you feel like your tablet computer is uniquely yours than a skin that sets it apart from every other tablet computer.  That is where GelaSkins comes in! Read more »

Hasbro And Apple Team Up For The ZAPPed Games!

Hasbro is planning a busy 2012. First, there is the partnership with Zynga, which emulates the Mattel-Angry Birds collaboration. The toy company will be able to bring online games to the real world as well as making toys and accessories based on popular Facebook games like Farmville and Mafia Wars. Now, Hasbro has announced that it is updating some of its classic board games. Read more »

New Affordable Tablets Coming Soon

Despite the growing number of choices in the tablet market, where nearly every company has multiple options for customers to choose from, there are two big names for tablets: iPad and Kindle. A few years ago, it would have been inconceivable for Amazon to enter the tablet computer market, but with the success of the Kindle e-reader, the Kindle Fire tablet took the 2011 fourth quarter by storm. Amazon’s sales of the Kindle Fire were boosted, in part by the $199 price tag.  Compared to Apple’s iPad at $499, the Kindle Fire seemed like a real value to consumers.  Now, other tablet computer manufacturers are following Amazon’s lead and offering more affordable options than Apple Computers.

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Tablets And Taxis

For anyone who lives in – or has visited – New York City, you probably know about the televisions that are in the back of many taxi cabs. A significant number of taxi companies in New York City have installed televisions in their cabs that play a select set of programming for the taxicab riders. One group of fifty taxis is currently considering switching out those televisions and replacing them with tablet computers. Read more »

iPad – Plain And Simple

Apple’s new device is not the iPad 3, iPad HD, or The New iPad. “iPad” is its whole name, even though this is the third model in what may prove to be a long line of devices. With such a universally-recognized device, it sometimes helps to re-establish brand awareness and market dominance.  By calling it simply “iPad,” Apple reminds consumers that they were the first and definitive tablet computer manufacturer.  That type of nod to the market power of the iPad could not have been done with a name like third-generation iPad, iPad 3, or iPad HD.

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Before There Were Tablet Computers, There Were Computer Tablets: Wacom Still Makes Them Cool!

For digital artists, the term “tablet computer” has an entirely different meaning than the term has for most of the rest of the population.  Long before Apple released the iPad or Amazon flooded the market with e-readers that have come to be lumped in with tablet computers, there was a peripheral for computers called a tablet.  Wacom still makes tablets, which remain an invaluable tool for digital artists.  One of the best tablets on the market is the Wacom Intuos5 touch Large Pen Tablet.

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A Computer That Does Yoga

From the time tablet computers debuted on the market, people have loved the devices’ flexibility and portability. That is why the market for tablets has increased so dramatically in the last few years and why other types of computers, namely laptops and desktops, have been garnering less attention.

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Connecting Your High Definition Devices, The Amzer Micro HDMI Cable Delivers!

No matter how convenient mobile computers and streaming technology are, there is nothing that enhances a movie viewing experience like seeing it on a big screen. In fact, watching pretty much anything is improved by seeing it on a color-rich, high definition, high-resolution, giant screen. Directors and producers produce their works to make them look good when they are big, so why do so many people obsess on crowding around tiny mobile devices to watch things? With the Amzer Micro HDMI To HDMI Cable, you no longer have to!

The Amzer Micro HDMI To HDMI Cable is a beautiful and durable basic connector. What can make a connector beautiful? For true high-definition transfers, your connectors need to be gold and the Amzer Micro HDMI To HDMI Cable has stylish and functional gold plating for the connectors and the leads. The gold offsets the standard black cable very nicely, so the word “beautiful” certainly applies to this cable.

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The History of Tablets 2 – iWant an iPad

In the previous blog in this series, we discussed that although the concept of tablets had existed for decades, self-contained portable computers were never possible until advances in technology caught up to the idea. Manufacturers tried their best to give consumers what they wanted, but the technology and the market were simply not ready yet. In the early 2000s, however, the market began to see an upsurge in tablets.

This upsurge was driven by Microsoft’s rededication to the tablet concept. The computer giant released a set of guidelines for manufacturers to build tablets using a tablet-specific version of Windows called Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. These newer tablets more closely resembled the tablets currently on the market than the previous generation of tablets.

These devices featured touch screens, video playing capabilities, Internet connectivity, and lighter designs. With the new technology came more complete mobile computer support as well. They were not quite up to the abilities tablets would have in only a few years, but it was a great start.

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The Samsung Rugby Smart Is A Cool, Durable, Smartphone!

With so many smartphones available to consumers, it can be overwhelming to try to shop for a new smartphone.  There are so many brands, so many operating systems, so many distinguishing aspects of the different smartphones on the market that it becomes a full-time job to keep up with the benefits and detractions of each different make and model of smartphone.  Fortunately, some of the new smartphones are delightfully simple in their pitch and intended market.  The Samsung Rugby Smart is one such smartphone and it is for active/sporty individuals.

The Samsung Rugby Smart is a brand new smartphone from one of the most reliable names in computer technology today!  The Samsung Rugby Smart is intended for the on-the-go, athletic type smartphone user.  In addition to having a more durable casing with a dust-proof seal, the Samsung Rugby Smart is waterproof.  Tested to resist submersion – not just a few drops of water, but actually being immersed in water! – the Samsung Rugby Smart will remain undamaged under a full meter of water for up to half an hour!  That means if you accidentally start swimming with your Samsung Rugby Smart, you should not lose your precious data or files stored on your smartphone!

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