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Rumors of an Upcoming iPad3

What is the release date for the iPad 3? What will it look like? What new capabilities will it feature? These speculations have been floating around for a while on the Internet and it seems that everyone has something to say about the topic except for Apple.

There has been no official word from Apple about the possibility of an upcoming iPad 3 release, but the rumors are flying about when that might happen. All over the Internet, people are guessing about the official announcement of the iPad 3 and the consensus is that the release will be in March.

An article on Bloomberg states that production of the iPad 3 is already in progress and will reach maximum output in February. There will be a break for the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year holiday for the factory workers, but production will begin again immediately afterwards. The article does not name any direct sources, but the information is consistent with the rumors and speculation.

It seems that manufacturers are putting out newer versions of their products faster than ever before. In the eyes of many people, the advent of a new model makes the previous model seem less useful than it was just before the newer model debuted. Many people are still purchasing the iPad 2, or just recently bought one at Christmas time, and suddenly their brand new iPad 2 is no longer special, but simply another out-dated piece of technology.

There are, however, always ways of updating your devices. If you own an iPad 2, or any tablet, and want to make it faster, our mobile computer support specialists at Rescuecom would love to help you determine the best way to upgrade your device.

This may mean simply clearing out your unused apps and files or another solution depending on the problem. Whatever the solution might be, upgrading your tablet is always cheaper than buying the newest model. Even if your tablet is broken and needs significant mobile computer repair, it is usually cheaper to repair it than to purchase a new model.

If you do decide to buy the new iPad 3 when Apple releases it, the iPad 3 will feature a higher resolution display, additional processing power, and LTE network capability. Apple hopes that all of these new features will allow them to continue dominating the electronics market despite the recent fierce competition they have faced from rival manufacturers.


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