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Amazon Competes For The Best Holiday Gift (Again) With The (New) Kindle Fire!

For the Holiday Season, 2011, one of the hottest gifts on the market was the Amazon Kindle Fire.  Amazon released the right product, at the right time, to compete against Apple’s iPad and the Barnes & Noble Nook line.  Moving out of the pure e-reader market, Amazon moved closer to a full tablet computer with the Kindle Fire e-reader.  Their gambit (and marketing) paid off: the Amazon Kindle was one of the most-bought, most-desired electronic devices of the fourth Quarter, 2011.

Amazon is hoping lightning might strike twice.  For 2012, Amazon will release a new Kindle Fire.  In order to remain competitive with Apple, who may release the mini-iPad in time for holiday sales, Amazon is taking a proactive approach.  Amazon is leaking details about the new Kindle Fire now to generate enthusiasm and is aiming for a release date late in the Third Quarter.  Some of the changes to the Kindle Fire include:

Improved screen resolution.  The big news about the Kindle Fire is that the screen shape and resolution is being altered.  Designers for Amazon are now working on applications that utilize a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution.  While this should not significantly alter the battery life of the Kindle Fire, the increase in pixel density will provide a distinct visual difference.  The improved resolution (up from 1024 x 600 for last year’s model) will allow videos played on the Kindle Fire to be rendered more precisely.  The improved resolution also slightly alters the aspect ratio of the screen for the Kindle Fire, but it is hard to imagine this change will have a profound effect on the way digital books one reads on the Kindle will appear.

Built-in camera.  In an effort to stay relevant and competitive, the new Kindle Fire will include a built-in camera.  Further details about the camera remain elusive, but it stands to reason that with the improved screen and augmented resolution, the Kindle Fire’s camera will capture images at a level of quality that takes advantage of the screen improvements.

Minor shape change.  Those who accessorized their Kindle Fire last year will need a whole new array of accessories if they upgrade their Kindle Fire this year.  The new Kindle Fire is going to be thinner than last year’s model.  As well, Amazon is working to make the new Kindle Fire lighter than the first generation version.

Other improvements and more details should be released in the coming weeks.


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