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Protect Your Laptop Computer Against Power Surges

RESCUECOM reminds you to keep your laptop computer and its power supply protected.

Summer is here, and with it comes increased electrical usage that could damage your laptop computer.  Without proper precautions, even something as simple as your air conditioner turning on could result in the need for serious computer repair.

A laptop computer’s power supply is one of its most vulnerable areas.  A simple power surge can do enough damage to require significant computer repair.  How vulnerable is the power supply?  To qualify as a surge, an increase in power only lasts three or more nanoseconds.  Those three nanoseconds of electricity might equal days of computer repair.  Many people already use surge suppressors for desktop computers.  However, many laptop computer users simply plug their computer into the nearest outlet, not realizing the threat to the power supply.

Power surges are frequently associated with lightening strikes and thunderstorms.  However, even the motor in your air conditioner turning on and off can result in a potentially devastating surge.  In the hot summer months, those surges become common, as do blackouts, which can also affect your laptop computer’s power supply.

Computer repair related to electrical damage can be extensive.  The easiest solution to this problem is ensuring that your laptop computer’s power supply is protected.  Always plug your laptop computer into a UL certified surge suppressor to safeguard against the need for computer repair.  Plugging your laptop computer into an uninterrupted power supply can also prevent you from losing important files or data in the event of a blackout.

As summer heats up, many laptop computers will not be properly protected.  Following these tips can help you avoid costly damage.  If a power surge or blackout does affect your computer, RESCUECOM’s computer repair services can get you running again fast and flawlessly.


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